5/15/2010 - 5/4/2020Louie was truly one of a kind. He was the sweetest, most gentle, loving dog. LouLou made everyone feel happy and loved. He always knew exactly what I needed. Today is one month without my Louie and not a day goes by without me thinking of him. He will always be in my heart.Christine DiMedioAudubon, New JerseyJune 4, 2020
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I remember when i was first told about Louie. Christine was very adamant that I know she had a pitbull named Louie. She sent a picture of him wearing a raincoat so I knew he was special. Louie was the most gentle well mannered dog I’ve ever known. Walks with Louie molded my relationship with my wife. He was always the comedic effect of go-to reference when an awkward silence came in. I always found the story of Louie and I funny. We were both competing for Christines love but Louie always won. I would always say Louie was a recruit and I was a drill instructor knocking him into shape. But what I learned is Louie was already better than most dogs out there. (Except when he pooped in my shirt) Fast forward to 2017 when he moved in. I was excited to finally give him a yard to run in. I will miss him eating right before bed and flipping his bowl over only to find dog food in my jeans pockets the next day at work. I will miss him keeping my feet warm when I would take naps on the couch. Him sleeping spread out on the end of the bed causing me to only have a small amount of space. Picking him up from woof and him laying down in the back seat of my car cause he was so tired will always be a funny memory. Louie also helped me propose to Christine. He tied his own tie and smiled for the camera as he asked christine if she will marry his roommate. But what I will miss most are our walks. When the warm weather comes in there was nothing better on a Saturday or Sunday morning than going for a nice long walk. Louie sniffed every blade of grass which made the walks extra long but I knew he was so happy to be walking. When I took him to Wildwood and saw him running on the beach, I could see the joy in his face. I’ve never seen a dog so happy. It made me slap myself in the knee wishing I’ve brought him down sooner. The next day I took him for an even longer walk and ended on the beach. I knew Louie was happy to have seen a place like that. I am happy to know his last walk was the best one. I know he is happy in heaven sitting on top of the couch cushion smushing them down. Waiting for his walk. But for now my pop will have to walk him. Louie was one of a kind. He was much more than a dog. Louie was not just an animal but a representation of time. Of hardships and celebrations. No matter how hard things get Louie was always there. A constant in life to make you laugh,or when times were down to remind you things will get better and that no matter what he will love you.

Lobus you loubis
Alexander DiMedio - June 9, 2020
I loved Louie and am so happy that you got to have that kind of love with him because it's the best, most unconditional love you can experience. It's also the worst kind of pain when they leave us.

Rest in peace sweet King Louis Edward. xoxo
Diane Meo - June 5, 2020
. DiMedio - June 5, 2020
We will always love our Louie aka Loubis Lou. He was the most gentle giant, evidenced by him letting my tiny 11 pound dog boss him around. Most importantly, he loved his Mommy as much as a dog could. We will always remember this sweet boy 💙E,V & W Lavino - June 5, 2020
Daddy and Becks will miss Louie resting on his favorite pillows on his favorite couch. He is sorely missed...Ed DeLuise - June 4, 2020

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