Seiko "The Watch Dog"
12/25/2014 - 6/1/2014Seiko, I was lucky enough to be your "surrogate" when mama went to work, and I cuddled you and loved you like my own. I'm also the only person you never bit (thank you)! The house is so quiet without your chappy little bark, your grumpy growl, or the curl of the lip when I gave you the finger. I miss pointing at you and pissing you off. I no longer have to guard ankles as you come sliding across the floor hoping to get one little nip. As much as you were such a little jerk, I miss that the most. You gave your mama 11 of the happiest years and she is missing you so much. Madison Ave. is feeling very lonely not having you here to try for a little nookie every day. You were truly one of the most beautiful mean dogs ever! I hope I did right by you keeping you comfortable and whispering words of love until your mama got home. I know you waited for her, and that was the best gift she could have ever gotten. I love and miss you Mr. Man. Enjoy your rest.Jennifer WheatonConcord, CaliforniaJune 10, 2014
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I brought you home on Friday after we took some selfies at Bubbling Wells Pet Cemetery. I placed your box next to your photo and put your Harley Davidson jacket and collar on top. Your mama is still trying to get used to the quiet and is constantly mistaking Jesse as being you. Of the other 3 dogs, Jesse seems to be the one taking your loss the hardest. The first couple of days she hid under my bed and generally looked sad. Lots of friends expressed sadness for your mama's loss and and relief that their ankles are once again safe. We all really miss you. You be a good boy or I am going to cut your nails and give you a shower!!Jennifer Wheaton - June 17, 2014

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