5/8/2020 - 5/19/2020Our Lester was one-of-a-kind cat. My daughter Lauren and I went to a Strays foster home to adopt our one-of-a-kind kitten......that kitten was Lester. We were asked if we would consider adopting his sister, Lily. We couldn't say no so we came home with Lily also. They grew up together and were never separated for the 11 years to the month that he was with us.

Les (as we frequently called him) was a very curious kitty and was ALWAYS looking for fun and activity. He was very loving, but when he wanted his alone time he let you know by giving a little nip. Some of his favorite human foods were crab legs, sushi, and meatballs. He always made the cutest squeaking noise when it was time to eat.

He loved being around company and really felt comfortable with all who came into our home. He was fondly called "the Mayor" when he would visit some neighbors on a regular basis. So many who met him for the first time were in awe of his tuxedo markings and his beautiful eyes. He and his sister, for the most part, got along well, but on occasion would show his dominance with her by sneaking up on her in a sneak attack.
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This candle is lit in honor of Lester's spirit that will live on forever in our hearts. We miss him so much and will always cherish the memories we shared with him. Rest in peace baby Les <3Lauren Golden - June 11, 2020
Your sweet Lester was such a precious boy! It was my honor to meet him and to be a part of his peaceful goodbye. He was lucky to have such a warm and loving home to give him such wonderful care and love over the years! I'm sure your grief is strong. Please be gentle with yourself as you go through this time. It will take time for your heart to heal, but I hope you find comfort in memories of great times that you've shared.Miranda Shaw - June 10, 2020
This candle is lit for our beautiful sweet Les. We miss him so much but we know he is running around chasing chipmunks in heaven. We will all be together someday. Until then, he will always hold a special place in our hearts.
Gerilyn Golden - June 10, 2020

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