3/19/2007 - 6/4/2020Garfield, a.k.a., Boo Boo
I was lucky to spend 12 wonderful years with my beloved boo boo. Ever faithful and loyal to me, he was mine and I belonged to him. His life was taken too soon by lung cancer. This past week of mourning has been flooded with tears from sorrow, bitterness, and emptiness. But some tears came from the joy of remembering him in life.

Garfield was an old soul with so many sides to him. There were certain talents and traits that capture his spirit. I share these favorite memories to honor him and keep his light shining.

Tenacious: If it’s one thing Garfield loved to do it was EAT and would go to great lengths at scoring food. He always began reminding dinner time was approaching an hour or two ahead. In the mornings he’d walk over our heads, bat things off the nightstand, or lay in front of our heads and gently thump his tail on our faces.

Crafty: He’d figure out he could get two meals out of one by greeting one of us next to his empty bowl asking to be fed. One day Jay asked why I was feeding him again because he just ate. He outsmarted us for who knows how long!

Devoted: Every time I returned from a trip he was gleeful and super affectionate with me. It was the only time he preferred my cuddle time than food (!), which filled my heart completely. We were both so happy reunited.

Attentive: He had a funny knack for remembering silly things he did that made me laugh so he could repeat it later to amuse me or get my attention.
"Grab your tootsie!": he’d lay on his back and grab his feet just as babies do, and it was always his left foot. I suppose it’s because it was the one he grabbed when he did it the first time and saw how tickled I was. By far, this is the one thing Jay and I will remember and miss the most because he did so often for us and only us (oh yeah, and grandma too!). Jay coined the phrase, “grab your tootsie! Grab your tootsie!” and Garfield happily would…and then promptly asked for a treat.
Bathroom: the second he heard me in the bathroom he’d come running to hop behind the bathtub curtain and play peekaboo or he’d curl up in the sink waiting for attention.
Drawer peeping: don’t ask me why but for some reason I laughed so hard the first time I saw him walking by the console drawers trying so hard to figure out what was inside. From that day forward he always pretended to snoop inside any drawer he passed by whenever I was looking – never did it around other people.

Protective: Garfield was shrewd with "strangers" around me. I remember how he would stare down Jay with a menacing looks when they first met. He would flick his tail at Jay as if to say, "when are you leaving?" When we introduced Onyx to the home, Garfield made sure to let him know that he was not allowed to follow me to the bathroom and chased him away. Garfield ultimately watched over them too of course, as he protected his cat nap spots next to them when our mom's cat Miss Calico visited. Everyone's lap and arms were off limits to Miss Calico!

Garfield was also protective of the home. He once scared his cat sitter so bad that the company had to send someone else in. She reported that Garfield “charged at me and batted at my feet all the way up stairs.” Thankfully the second sitter understood Garfield, “no hissing or swatting observed previously, he just needed time to get used to sharing his home…he’s a good boy.”

Garfield is now protecting our “forever home” here in St. Augustine, FL and will be forever loved. His loving mother, his devoted father Jay, and his faithful friend and canine brother Onyx survive him and will remember him the rest of their lives.
Brooke McGuireSt. Augustine, FloridaJune 11, 2020
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Rest in peace sweet Garfield. It was such an honor to meet you and help you gain your angel wings. Your family loves you so very much and I know you are watching over them now with those beautiful green eyes. You will forever be remembered handsome boy. 💜Kali Jimenez - June 19, 2020
Rest In Peace my lovely and intelligent Garfield.
Missing you dearly.
Banlang Phommasouvanh - June 14, 2020
Beautiful tribute, Brooke. I never knew he did those particular things just with you. Thanks for sharing these stories to bring more color to his personality, which already was quite wonderfully quirky and special.

He’ll be missed very much by this auntie.
Arouna Phommasouvanh - June 13, 2020

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