10/12/2008 - 5/1/2020My Lacey, My god, I don't ever remember seeing a little girl as beautiful as you. Your cuteness was overwhelming. The joy you brought to our lives is something that we will treasure forever. You were the tiniest, most feisty little pup in that pet shop. As soon as they took you out of that cage, you attacked our feet and that is how I knew you were the one for us. You fit in the palm of my hand. First vet visit, you bit the vet!!!!! You had such as bad cough and we had to keep you separated from Logan. That was hard and I think that's where your fascination with TV started because your were in the basement in your little crate. Thank god your Barbara was available to watch you and give you your medicine. You would sleep on her chest, wheezing and coughing. She loved you just as much as we did. Logan was so curious, "Who is this little creature?" Life was not easy for you my little one. On top of your brother bullying you and your surgeries, you were a timid girl. I panicked and cried over every surgery. I never left the waiting room. "We are closing for the night" did not apply to me. You finally came out of your shell and your were a little devil. I'm thankful for every little scar I have from your teeth. I loved watching you and Logan play and chase each other. It was the highlight of my day. Seeing you in the window when I was leaving for work and seeing you in the window when I got home, precious memories. I still look for you in the window everyday. You were attached to me at the hip. You waited outside the bathroom for me. Thank you forever for our car rides, comforting me through a miscarriage, comforting me when I was sick. I gave you everything I had to make you comfortable as well. There wasn't a thing I wouldn't do for you and your brother. There was no expense spared for your birthday parties. Thank you for waiting patiently and not always so patiently for me to finish studying. I'm so glad we had quality time together near the end. I will treasure that forever. I feel like everyday without the both of you is getting harder and harder. I can still hear you, smell you, feel you. I know that you are still here with me. My Lacey, you were so sick at the end and I could no let and would not let you suffer for another minute. When you put your head on my lap and took your last breath, a part of me died. I would loved more time with you, but that would have meant more suffering for you and I will gladly bear the pain of losing you so that you are not suffering. I know what unconditional love is now. Mommy and Daddy will be with you one day. So will papa Ed and June. Eat your cheese, your cheesecake, your whipped cream, please run and jump and bark your little head off, bark at the geese, and keep the mail carriers away..Play with your bumble ball and beat up cat-dog. There's no more fireworks, motorcycles or loud cars. Watch after your brother. I know your are breathing fresh air with new lungs and are a healthy pup now. My beautiful girl, wait for me............Karyn BrettHuntington Station, New YorkJune 24, 2020
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My Miss Mouse I miss you so much. You were such a tiny baby when we met. I remember you resting on my chest when you were sick. I would listen to you breathe while you slept. You were so unique, white on one side and your markings on the other. I got such a kick out of you looking like two different dogs depending on which side you were facing.😍 As small as you were you ruled the roost, keeping Logan in line by nipping at his back legs! 😆 I think he loved the attention. I miss watching TV with you while you guarded me from your brother.😀 I think he realized once you claimed me as your own his back rubs would be few and far between. I think of you every day with a smile and yet with a broken heart. I will never forget you my little girlie. Until we meet again take care of Logan.❤️Barbara Carr - July 3, 2020
Such a beautiful tribute to your sweet Lacey girl. She was so loved and it showed. She is with Logan at the Rainbow Bridge. They will both shine their light down upon you.Kristine Campanelli - June 29, 2020
Oh Karyn, your lovely, heartfelt tribute to your beloved Lacey, had me welling up with tears. Lacey and Loggie were so very much loved by you and John. You two deserve credit for giving them an amazing life. They’ll be waiting for you and John to greet you with sloppy wet kisses one day in the future. ❤️🙏❤️June Harris - June 24, 2020

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