Holly (jolly)
8/4/2004 - 6/18/2020It was very hard to say goodbye to our beloved Schnoodle (Schnauzer/Poodle mix). She was our first baby. She and our other dog are often affectionally referred to as our daughter's four legged sisters or our four legged kids. Holly was a people dog. She loved everyone. She was very affectionate and freely gave kisses and snuggles. Our friends got them as well in exchange for pets and belly rubs. At our old house she could run laps around the couch and sometimes through other rooms. She also loved to jump to the back of our recliner couch and curl up on top. When we moved into our current home she quickly decided she would not go down the hallway to the bedrooms. Instead every night and morning she has carried to and from bed like the little princess she was. She was very in tune with her family. She would offer comfort when you were sad. She licked the tears off my face many times including when month after month we didn't get pregnant. She loved babies in their car seat or bouncer. She would lick their heads and faces. When she was very happy or excited her little tail would wag really fast, but it also would go in circles like a propeller. Earning her the nickname propeller tail. She was called many things: Fluffy puppy(before groomed), finger tail (after groomed), propeller tail, Holliford, Holly Jolly, etc. When she was young she would bounce on her back legs especially when we would make salad.Amy, Jason & Charlotte BeebeWesterville, OhioJune 24, 2020
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I've thought about your sweet girl and your wonderful family a lot the past month. I love all of your Holly stories, but I think my favorites were how she supported you so beautifully through tough times, and how she loved salad :) I'm keeping you all close to my heart. <3, JessicaJessica Arth - July 26, 2020

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