6/19/2020My Moon: Two months before Phoebe was diagnosed in 2005, she was walking around the lake near her house in Connecticut and saw a woman walking Moon. Phoebe commented on how beautiful Moon was, and the woman told her they were trying to find a home for Moon. I think within one week, Phoebe picked her up. Moon was six months old and the most mellow and gentle baby. She was such a great companion for my sister. One day when Phoebe was on her journey, Moon licked her face, and Phoebe said, 'Moon, don't lick all the stars out of the sky.' Moon would stay with us at Hartford hospital overnight, and other people would knock on the door looking for Moon kisses. My dad would walk her blocks away from the hospital, and the staff would know who Moon was. Moon was the most beautiful gift Phoebe gave me. The picture on the rock was taken by my dad right after Phoebe gave her to me in August 2007. Moon did not flinch and started following me everywhere as if she took over the role of looking after the younger sister. She was an absolute gem; the most consistent and incredible companion right until the end. In a way, I wanted her to stop following me as it was so hard knowing the time the vet was coming yesterday, and that Moon would no longer be there when I turned around. Moon had an episode in February, and we thought she was dying, but she bounced back. Then March came, and COVID hit. I was able to work from home, and I have been with her every day; a silver lining from COVID as backward as that sounds. I am devastated by losing her and struggling. She has been with me through so many significant losses. She was 15 and 8 months; what a life for a pup. She did all she could for me until we had to make the call as her quality of life was not what she deserved; she just could not anymore. Making that call was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. So much loss, so much pain but not to have felt all the love is unthinkable. An ongoing battle with grief. Love always wins. I have to be mindful of that. Always. Rest in peace, my beautiful Moon 💕 ~10/2005-6/19/2020~Abby JonesChurchville, New YorkJune 25, 2020
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I’m Soo sorry for your loss. I lost my Stoli 2 days ago and I am heart broken. I hope for you some relief. Love and light. It’s horrible and I am also empty.Pam Mcdonald - June 27, 2020

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