12/1/2007 - 6/24/2020"Dr. Elizabeth Gill is a compassionate and caring individual . She gave us the time we needed to say goodbye and told us everything that would happen. Lap of Love cares that we are grieving the loss of our pet and makes the process as gentle as possible. Dr. Gill was very gentle with Maggie and ensured that she had no suffering during her passage."Jesse MillerOrlando, FloridaJune 26, 2020
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Maggie will be so missed by us. Maggie will always be in my memory bank and my photo collection. I remember the first time I met Judy's new puppy. Jesse and Judy were unable to get home because of work schedules and asked me to check on her. She was in a large crate in one of the bedrooms. She had completely chewed into pieces a large foam pad Judy put in her crate for comfort. I opened the crate door and she quickly ran over to the corner of the room to sulk. I found a large plastic garbage bag and filled it with the foam pieces. I looked at Maggie still sulking in the corner and used the usual whistles, hand-clapping, and gesture to get her in the crate. She would not budge. Walked over and grabbed her by the collar and quickly pulled her into the crate. I showed no fear because I did not realize Maggie would bite a stranger at the least provocation. We always got along so well after that little episode. I fondly remember taking her for walks with Mulan and later Strider in the park and around the neighborhood. She was always very welcoming to see me, even after long absences. She loved the ear and back scratches I gave her. I will never forget Maggie. She was a very unique dog only allowing her two humans, my wife Brucia, caregiver Kaki, and myself to freely pet her. Everyone else risked a nip on the leg. She led a very good life.I have always thought dogs should live much longer than they do. Ten to fifteen years is not enough. She will join a list of dogs in my life: Seal, a Pit Bull; Archie, an American Foxhound; Apache, a Boxer; Sweet Girl, mostly Beagle; Trapper I, a GS and Lab mix; Bama and Lady, both black Labs ; and last but not least the current occupant of my heart Trapper II, a GS and Lab mix. Forgot Mulan, Strider, Toby, and Heidi also special.John and Brucia Mory - June 27, 2020
Sure Judy and Jesse, we have known and loved Maggie for a long time. I’ll never forget gaining her trust by giving her some of my Finos turkey sandwich at your house on Autumn. I really enjoyed taking her of her that time you guys went out of town and my mom and I did the dog sitting for you. It was many years ago. I’m so glad that when I visited you in Orlando eye got to see Maggie. I’m glad that you gave her a wonderful life. I know she gave you a lot of love and joy and I know it’s devastating to lose her. So sorry that she is gone. I am thinking of you.
Love, Annie
Annie Yoder - June 27, 2020

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