3/22/2009 - 6/26/2020Pretzy Pants, we'll miss you so much. You were the best companion anyone could have ever had. We'll miss your affection and love, your kisses, your cuddles, your soft fur, your purr. You were such a good girl til the end. I'm so sorry cancer caused you so much pain so quickly. You were our sunshine.Elaine AchenbachThousand Oaks, CaliforniaJune 28, 2020
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Dear Elaine,
Thank you for your very kind words. It was truely an honor to be with your family & to help sweet Pretzel in her time of need. All cats should be so lucky as to be as cherished as much as Pretzel. Good luck with your move to the east coast, I wish you all the best!

Kind regards,
Dr Alex
Alexandra Au - June 29, 2020
You were one of my top favorite internet cats for many years. I wish I could have met you, and felt your soft fur. You were such a good family member to Laney, David, and Ian. I have shed tears for you and for them. Enjoy your friends in heaven. 😿
Liz Hardesty - June 29, 2020

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