12/12/2020 - 6/26/2020To our sweet boy Buca Michael, aka. Mr. Buca, aka. Our Buca Bear, we had received him unintentionally @ 6months of age, but from the day we accepted him into our Heart/Home/Family, there was a special connection, ❤️ He was such a good pup, such a big personality for such a small dog, The Joy he brought us all was immeasurable, & all the Memories, Rich & Full! He had a lot of health issues the last couple of years, but still a trooper, & fun, & we were Hopeful, but these last couple of weeks were such a struggle for him, we knew were getting close to having to make that difficult sad decision, but that day came after almost 15 years & even though we knew it would be so hard for us to let him go, we realeased him, to have no more struggles, pain, or suffering, It was so much more difficult then I Imagined, but still am glad, that it was here, in his forever home, in his mommy’s loving arms as he left us, for that Rainbow Bridge! 🐶❤️ My heart is falling out of my chest right now, & every place I look I see him & cry & ache, my heart needs to heal, but he let us with so much, & I/We are Forever Gratefull! Til we meet again, 🙏🏻 Our Most Precious Mr. Buca!!!! 💔❤️❤️❤️Jeannine DreshMohnton, PennsylvaniaJune 28, 2020
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I’m Missing You & ur presence here, like Crazy! 😰 I Pray & Hope ur at Peace & Happy!!!🙏🏻🐶 You will Never be Forgotten & You are Forever in Our Heart’s!!!! ❤️❤️❤️Buca’s Mommy - June 29, 2020

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