Skinny Jeans
10/20/2000 - 6/25/2020Skinny Jeans was one of the most amazing kitties that I have ever come to know. Although she lost her fight to cancer at 20 years old, she was this brilliant life-force that constantly amazed me.
She remains to be a constant inspiration. She helped me though all darkest times. She would give and give and give nothing but love, cuddles and her sweet puuuurrrr. She was so intuitive. She knew when I was sad or anxious, to come give me a good proper cuddle.
The strength, love & compassion she emanated, continues to resonate with her brilliant light.
She is forever branded in my heart, and anyone who had the privlage to meet her.
She will always be the love of my life, and I will miss her sweet puuuuuurrrrrrr to the end of time and back.
Leila SoundsLos Angeles, CaliforniaJune 29, 2020
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I didn't know Skinny Jean but I know how much she loved her little family and how much she was loved by them in return. She was such a sweet little girl. 🐱❤🥰Sonia Romaih - June 30, 2020
I will never forget when Leila told me about a skinny malnourished kitty that came up to her one day while she was heading into a restaurant. The kitty didn’t go up to any of the others. Just Leila. She told her the group she was with if she’s still out here when we’re done with lunch I’m taking her home with me. When she was done with lunch she found the kitty by the dumpsters behind the building.
She called an Über and fleas and all took the kitty home. Kitty had a name pretty fast. Skinny Jeans. And had many flea baths just as quickly. Soon, under all the dirt and fleas emerged a beautiful grateful kitty. Who now had a new friend, warm blankets, food, water and a litter box. Little did Skinny Jeans realize she just won the lottery. To have Leila as her friend she would now never want for anything, ever again. Leila saved Skinny Jeans and Skinny Jeans “saved” Leila. They became best friends and inseparable. Skinny Jeans also adopted two others in her life she called her friends. James and Kelly. Skinny Jeans is now laying in the golden sun and purring Loud enough to be heard by all in the heavens.
RIP Skinny Jeans You deserve every minute. Forever in our hearts and memories.
Nancy McDermott - June 29, 2020
SJ lived a long, love-filled, happy life. Just by looking into her eyes, you could tell that her heart was full of unconditional love and that she was so grateful to be protected and cared for by her mama. She loved listening to music, eating scallops, and getting pets in her warm bed while she purred. SJ is the most resilient kitty I've ever heard of — from living on the streets of LA to numerous vet visits and health scares her whole life, she always stayed strong and comforted those around her. I miss her and am lucky to have known such a beautiful soul, she is a one of a kind cat. Miss you Skinny Jeanes, rest peacefully.Laura Ponce - June 29, 2020
"And Flights Of Angels Sing Thee To Thy Rest" ........ Skinny Jeans: The brave little warrior loved by so many, forever in our hearts!ingrid zamot-sachs - June 29, 2020
Skinny Jean will always remain in my heart. I've had cats all my life but never have I ever met one like Skinny. She was truly one of a kind. Her strength and will of spirit was incredible and she gave love whole heartedly. She never pestered or was selfish and was Buddhist like in her nature, she simply was. I am so glad that I was able to assist in her rescue and have her and her mom in my home. I will forever miss you Skinny and will love you always. Rest in peace.
Love Carlos
Carlos Cantu - June 29, 2020
Skinny Jeans touched my heart and soul. I learned first hand how resilient felines like her could be. I believe that she knew all the people involved in her care were trying their best to help her. I will always remember her thanking us in the best way she knew how, by purring when she was happiest and most comfortable. Skinny Jeans, thank you for being our companion, offering us the opportunity to learn about you and spending time together.James Ellington - June 29, 2020
Baby girl, I pray that your soul is at peace. I doubt this pain that I feel will ever go away from missing you. I miss your kisses, and head bumps.
Kisses forever,
Your mom, Leila
Leila Sounds - June 29, 2020

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