Gable (rn: Gable Blue Cash)
1/20/2008 - 6/19/2020In Memoriam

Gable "Huu-Uc-Ang-Phi" Hien. My first dog, my first greyhound. My heart hound. My beautiful boy. There is only one way to describe Gable: A Good Boy. He was obedient, goofy, courteous, friendly, and polite. The vets told me over his 8 years with me how friendly he was when compared to other greyhound patients. Even the Wheeling Downs racetrack folks sent me a note about how much they loved him. Despite turning heads, stopping cars, and dropping jaws no matter where we went, he would always be my dog and mine alone. I could never leave him with another caretaker overnight because the 2-3 times I did, he would cry all night, refuse food and then pretend I didn't exist when I finally did come to pick him up. I always said that if I tried to leave him for a week, he'd probably die of a broken heart. Similarly, I always knew that even if he became exhausted on a hike, he would die before he stopped walking by my side. I miss you a lot, pal. I hope you and Liana are running happy and free together. Until we meet again.

Requiescat in Pace.
Courtney DoCentreville, VirginiaJune 29, 2020
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Even though I didn't personally know you, Gable, you were a lovely dog. RIP, sweet Gable.Jessica Gibson - June 29, 2020

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