5/1/2010 - 6/20/2020Final Farewell to Zeke:

Zeke, a.k.a. Zeke-a-saur, Sneaky Zeke, Sneakers, Zekers , Baby Monkey, Baby Boy,
When we first got you, I had no idea the impact you would have on our lives and the paw prints you would leave on our hearts.
You have been the best kitty a crazy cat lady, or anyone, could ask for. So sensitive and loving, you followed me around like a dog, meowed your head off when I left just to go for a run, and showed me loving with face rubs, but almost always ONLY on the bed. You were very particular about where you got your lovin!

I’m going to miss our near-daily conversations that often went something like this:
“What’s wrong?”
“Oh really?”
“Uh-huh, I know”
“Yep, you’re right!”

And you were so smart! You could open doors to let yourself in or out of a room, you Sneaky Zeke! And you also knew how to dispense food from the feeder before it was time to go off. Apparently you learned that from your sister, who figured it out first, but still....

Like your mama, you were a foodie! You begged for tuna or salmon or chicken until we caved in, and we could not even open a can of beans without you going crazy! I loved the way you stood up on your two hind legs for treats. And sometimes grew impatient, swiping at our hands to give you more treats!

You loved the outdoors, and to show us what a brave hunter you were, you caught several lizards whom we had to rescue from your mouth (though I’m quite sure we weren’t able to rescue them all), as well as salamanders, at least one of which you brought into the house for us! And I remember that time you caught a dove on the back patio. Now that’s a feat of speed, agility, and stealth! Again, I came to the rescue of that little creature. But I can’t blame you for trying! You were a cat after all!

You loved to play...with string, the “red fly”, feather toys, robe ties, furry mice, and most recently, that damn catnip carrot! Oh, and of course with daddy’s hand! That was probably your favorite toy!

Do we need to mention how handsome a boy you were ? Seriously, you had a very majestic face, the longest kitty whiskers, adorable little tufts of fur on the bottom of each paw. Not to mention your gorgeous white markings—little socks on your front paws and boots on your hind legs, your white chest, mouth and nose. And OMG—your belly! I love that you loved your belly rubbed!

I still expect to see you waiting on my bathroom counter by the sink to drink running water from my faucet. Or at the door to greet us when we come home. But your floofy body isn’t there. I’d like to believe that your sweet loving spirit is! You will always be with us in our hearts, you silly boy!

We Both loved and already miss you so much, but I hope and pray that we will see you again. In the meantime, I hope you are playing with all the other kitties at the Rainbow Bridge. You show em how it’s done!
Pam and Steve WarrenMcKinney, TexasJune 29, 2020
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My boys Blackie and Smokie will make sure that Zeke has friends to play with in kitty can Heaven.Laurie Rutherford - July 6, 2020
Pam and Steve,

Zeke lived like a King!
Your sweet tribute captured all his endearing attributes.
It is easy to understand why you both loved him so dearly!

You and Steve gave him a wonderful home filled with love. He will be missed!
Love you both!
Amy Friesen - July 2, 2020

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