3/4/2008 - 6/29/2020My sweet Maxi bear, You loved me your whole life and I will always love you and miss you for the rest of mine. Swim away baby boy more pain just clear blue water and lots of vanilla ice cream. Until we meet again!ROSE PAULLutz, FloridaJune 30, 2020
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Thank you for your love Max
Love you forever
Manana Tchitchikoshvili - July 7, 2020
Although I never met max, I know he was loved tremendously by his momma. Rose and I always enjoyed sharing pictures and stories of favorite Labrador sons 💙 Maxi bear will be forever loved and missed 🐾Nadine Mahmoudi - July 2, 2020
Im gonna miss you Max with all my heart.. Love Matthias❤️😘🐶😍Matthias R - July 2, 2020
We are gonna miss you Maxi. I know your running free now🐶🐶😘❤️😍🥰Tristan R - July 2, 2020
Maxi!!! You were so loving, full of spirit and happy... miss you.. ❤️❤️Manju B - July 2, 2020
Hey Sweet Max you have brought such great joy to me and my children. You will be deeply missed. May you run on top of the Rainbow and swim to your hearts contempt. You are free from pain and may the love of all those that were around you continue to remember your happy moments and the joy you brought to all those that had the privilege of meeting your sweet face💕💕💕Shermecka H - July 2, 2020
Loved you Max- you were the best and smartest boy ever. I know you studied English as a second language!Norine Davis - July 2, 2020
Maxi bear, we will never forget your soft ears, your beautiful smile, nor your love of hugs. ❤️ I feel special to have known such a sweet boy. Rest well. Kisses and hugs.P Jennifer - July 2, 2020
Dear sweet Max,
You were such a sweet boy. Always watching over your mom and babies through tough times. You were so loved and had the life of a king. You will be missed by so many!
Kelly Bronleewe - July 1, 2020
Max!!!! You were a super affectionate and loving dog. Made me very sad and I cried when I heard of your passing. May you be playing with all our loved ones in heaven and may you be making them as happy as you made us on this earth.

Love you Max! ❤️😔💔
Judy Katzir - July 1, 2020
Miss you Max! Go easy on the ice cream up there😘ROSE PAUL - July 1, 2020
Sweet Max, so loved by so many. You will be in our hearts forever. ❤Dr. Nil - July 1, 2020

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