4/11/2009 - 6/10/20206/11/20 : Yesterday we said good bye to our Alpha and our Omega. Pele Flipper Hubbard. We adopted you when you were 12-weeks old. You were filthy, wild, and indescribably cute. You stole some toys, got into a few scrapes, and were escorted out of 3 doggie day cares and one dog park. You fulfilled all of our TV family fantasies of owning a pet. You talked like Scooby doo, ran into peoples houses and knocked things over like Beethoven, and watched over us like Lassie. You were our sweet, smart, sexy good boy. Nothing will be the same without you. I hope heaven is ready to have fun, 'cuz here you come. RIP my prince.

From Ben (who missed your good bye because he was in Japan)

"What is there to say about dogs that hasn’t already been said? That they’re loyal? You were. That they love unconditionally? You did. That our time with them is always too short?
It may have seemed to you that we (your humans) could do some pretty cool stuff. Like open doors and conjure treats from the closet. But there are things we have a hard time understanding, too. Like why it is we have to part. I don’t know myself. I just know I wish it were different, that you could be my buddy forever.
If you ever need anything, you know where to find us. You have a good nose. There will always be a place for you in our home and in my heart. How lucky I was to be your human.
Rip Pele flipper Hubbard. I love you."
Jae HubbardWestlake Village, CaliforniaJuly 1, 2020
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Pele was the sweetest and most loyal first doggy I could've asked for. I wish I could pet his tiny, velvety ears and pinch his giant nose that was way to big for his face. He was a stunner and his personality was even more spectacular. I will forever carry him close to my heart. I want to thank him for being by my side for 12 years. I love you my little potato latka.Savana Hubbard - July 7, 2020
What a wonderful, happy, much loved pup!!Jessica Spitzer - July 3, 2020

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