3/6/2008 - 6/17/2020My little Honeyboy, there are no words mommy and daddy can sayto describe just how much we love you. From the moment we laid eyes on you, you changed our lives forever. You brought such joy, laughter and happiness to our lives with your silliness and mushy loving personality. You always were so very happy, that tail was always thumping and swinging so hard and fast. We loved how you happily greeted everyone with such gentle excited sweetness. Those different faces you made melted our hearts. I loved watching the way you looked at daddy with those doe eyes. I loved the way you led us into the kitchen and pointed to what you wanted. We also loved watching you play "wheres the cookie" game just as much as you loved playing it. From stepping on my feet all of the time, to helping "clean" daddy, to knocking into us for us to share our food, to your dances for cheese and walks, our routines we had together were our everything. Little Boy, you will remain strongly in our hearts forever. Always know we love you.Janet CusmanoCopiague, New YorkJuly 2, 2020
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Rocky was sweet and calming. He gave so much love. Rocky will be missed by so many. ❤️Odalis R - July 24, 2020
Rocky may you Rest In Peace. I’ve never had the chance to meet you but I know how much joy you’ve brought to your mom and dad. They were very blessed to have your companionship for so many years. Continue to watch over your family ❤️❤️Tasha Walcott - July 6, 2020
Rocky, may you Rest In Peace. Just know that Janet and Tom loved you with the deepest feelings. You were like a child to them. I hope you and your family reunite in your next life as well. Sending condolences and prayers.Rammi Kalsi - July 6, 2020
Rocky....heaven gained a sweet little angel. You will be missed by so many. You were the most loved fur baby I ever knew. You made mommy and daddy so very happy. Continue to look over your family and give them signs you’re still with them. XoxoxoKristin Erickson - July 6, 2020
Rocky we never had the pleasure of meeting, but I have seen many adorable photos of you and the happiness you brought your mommy. Her face would glow every time she spoke of you! Your paws have left a lasting imprint on many hearts. Rest In Peace, Enjoy heaven and seeing all your past friends. Tom and Janet- I’m so sorry for your loss- embrace all the beautiful memories you shared!Kaitlyn Djakov - July 4, 2020
My deepest sympathies for your beloved Rocky. May he find eternal happiness hunting down those Swedish fish until you meet him again. He was such a sweet dog and I’m glad I got to know him.
Elisa Coppola - July 4, 2020
Rocky, you will forever be in my heart, from the very fist time I met you, your sweet eyes and wagging tail were spo welcoming... you were loved immensely rock- a- roo.. i hope you have already met my Leo, peanut and Lou on the other side of heavens gates and enjoying true peace. May you always come to memory and send comfort to your mom and dad who have loved and cared for you all these years. 🙏 Janet and Tom, I know it is never easy to lose a precious pup, who becomes family.. may your hearts heal, but never forget the wonderful memories. Rest in heavenly peace and run with the pack, Rocky. <3DOROTHY GINTER - July 4, 2020
We miss you Rocky! You will forever be in our hearts. Rest In Peace! It was a pleasure meeting and knowing you because you were such a sweet loving boy! Your gone but will never be forgotten. Xoxo ❤️Carla,Mike, Mikey and Dylan Cusmano - July 4, 2020
We miss you Rocky! You will forever be in our hearts. Rest In Piece! It was a pleasure meeting and knowing you because you were such a sweet loving boy! Your gone but will never be forgotten. Xoxo ❤️Carla,Mike, Mikey and Dylan Cusmano - July 4, 2020
Just looking at your picture brings tears to my eyes. I am so sorry you had to leave us so soon. You will be missed.Karen Morgan - July 4, 2020
Dear Janet & Tom,
Scott and I were lucky enough to have met your sweet boy. He had great life and will live on
In your hearts and memories forever.
Tara Oliva - July 4, 2020
May your journey Over the bridge feel like you were going home to the light of God. I am sorry your time here was complete. I know that you have made an impact in the heart of my beautiful friend. You were an earth angel to her in the form of 4 paws. My light and my love are sent to you, Rocky.Corissa Turkel - July 3, 2020
An amazing friend, who's kind face and gentle demeanor melt your heart from wag one. We were fortunate to count Rocky among our friends. Although we had only had the pleasure of meeting up a handful of times, once was enough to permenantly leave his paw prints on our hearts. It is apparent that Rocky was raised with much love, as it was all he seemed to know. We with heavy hearts leave our condolences, but also thanks for introducing us to a special boy who will never be forgotten. May his example of love be a shining beacon for others.Doug and Judy Knoth - July 3, 2020
Rocky was a good dog and will be missed by all.
I remember him since he was a pup.
May he enjoy himself in doggy heaven.
Joe Gentile - July 3, 2020
You are a sweet and gentle angel, Rocko and we’re loved and will be missed by all. Although we cannot see you we know nothing is truly gone and your family will be together again. Rest In Peace Rocky. With much love, AnnieAnne Cusmano - July 3, 2020
I love you Rocky you meant so much to me. There is a huge void in our lives . I want to thank you Rocky for excepting my little boy Duke and being the first dog he bonded with and learned from and as you got older Duke did the same for you. I will never forget the time you weren't sure about going up the stairs from the basement Rocky and the way you and Duke interacted with each other and how Duke showed you the way up the stairs was such a precious moment it showed just how much you guys loved and trust each other. I will always love you Rocky and will always miss you and will always be in my heart and I know your cousins heart too. You are more then just a pet to us you are family to us and you will never be forgotten. Love you forever.Laura Cusmano - July 3, 2020
Your sweet soul has left a permanent imprint on my heart. Such a loveable puppy. Thank you for allowing me to pet and scrunch you. You will be missed by many.Laura & Glenn Pedersen - July 3, 2020
Oh sweet boy...I will miss you meeting us at the door every week. I will miss you happy wagging tail, your big soulful eyes staring cause you want what I am eating. You will be missed very very much. Rest In Peace little boy 😢🐶💔💔Stephanie Mercurio - July 3, 2020
"Someone once asked me what's the most difficult thing about owning a dog?
I replied~ saying goodbye"...
In memory of your beloved Rocky....
Love you my friend....♥️
Kristy Koeppen - July 3, 2020
Rocky you were the best doggy nephew anyone could ask for. I was glad that I got time to spend with you and spoil you rotten. You will be missed but never forgotten. RIP Rocky.Patricia Tria - July 3, 2020
Vinny & Christine Cusmano - July 3, 2020
I will never forget you taking naps on my chest or your routine of barking us awake at 6 AM. Also how you would run away from us when we tried to clean your ears. You will always be my special boy. I love you. Love, DaddyDaddy Cusmano - July 3, 2020
I want to light an infinity amount of candles for you. It still isn't enough. I miss you so much Honeyboy. Rest in Peace my lovies. I love you eternally.Mommy Cusmano - July 3, 2020

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