4/15/2003 - 7/2/2020KING
My beloved furry companion, it seems so long ago that your adoption did happen, and what a welcome into our lives, at home with your buddies - Boots and Spookie ! and then a few years later, Muggs ! yes, KING you were the keeper
of the castle, always letting us know your place - what a wonderful feline to have around - You are deeply missed, and with your passing over the rainbow bridge, we shall all meet again, forever in the afterlife.
Eric FlukePalm Beach Gardens, FloridaJuly 5, 2020
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KITTY KAT KING! I'm so sorry to hear of your terrible troubles with your health. I'm sad that I did not visit you sooner.
You were so fluffy and full of fast life, taking care of all the others roaming the house. I'm sure you are getting treats!
King the big boy with a sweet & happy heart, we Miss U...….
Meow Kisses to all your buddies, including my furry feline friends in Heaven...….
Sorry, my brother, the pain....until the day your spirit connects together again.
MONICA FLUKE - July 31, 2020
Handsome King! Ruling over the grassy fields and forests of kitty heaven. I know towards the end, Eric was taking such good care of you, but many times I am sure it was the other way around. Rest in peace. Eric, my deepest condolences. 17 years is quite a long friendship, what a gift! The space he leaves behind will feel big, but in time only to be filled with the joy of knowing him and friendship and love you both shared. My deepest condolences.Lara Webb - July 17, 2020
KING! we miss you , BamBam looks for you , but we all know you are with BOOTS and the whole feline gang.eric fluke - July 10, 2020
King, you were such a sweet boy and a real trooper taking your meds even though you didn't like it. You had a long and wonderful life with a great owner who will miss you very much.
Now you can be running and having fun chasing squirrels along with Boots up in heaven.
I will miss you, your friend Pat.
Pat Marcantonio - July 9, 2020
Rest In Peace dear King! Your handsome face will be dearly missed by your human daddy. Your pops loved you deeply and forever! I’m sure you are running through cat heaven with your buddies, chasing mice, butterflies and snowflakes whenever you want to. Thank you for bringing joy and love to my old friend, Eric. You will be in our thoughts fur-ever❤️Cora Sorger - July 7, 2020
Oh King. No more nasty pills, no more poking and prodding at you. Say hello to Bootsie for me. I will think of you everytime I eat a banana :)Vickie Curtis - July 6, 2020
King, you were always the handsomest. We'll miss you so much down here. All the boys will be happy to see you up there. Tell them all we said hello.
We'll love and miss you, until we're all together again.
Felicia DeLappi - July 6, 2020

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