Shayna Maidel Allen
4/23/2007 - 6/26/2020Shayna our love, you may now run as fast as you want, chase squirrels and cats up trees and catch them, eat grass and dirt, catch the Amazon delivery person, never bathe again, roll in the grass to your heart’s content, enjoy endless belly rubs, and never be afraid of thunder. All you will know now is a pain-free wonder-world of sunshine, butterflies, soft breezes, boundless energy and love.
Bark well of us when you tell the other doggy angels about your humans.
We love you. We’ll miss you. We’ll see you soon.
Keep a weather eye for us on Rainbow Bridge.
ELIZABETH ALLENLongwood, FloridaJuly 7, 2020
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May you find comfort and peace as you mend from your broken hearts.Mark Knowles - July 24, 2020
Thinking of you and your loving family treeRita Cinelli - July 24, 2020
Rest in puppy peace sweet girl 💕Chelsea J - July 24, 2020
It was truly an honor to have met Shayna. Thank you for taking such amazing care of her and I know she took great care of you as well. I know you will miss her deeply.Amanda Buerk - July 21, 2020
Sleep well, pretty girl.David Wasman - July 18, 2020
Kyle Helvie - July 9, 2020
Shayna, thank you for sharing 13 magical, wonderful, fantastic years with our family. You have no idea how happy you made us every single day (although I think somehow you do). Of course you know how much we loved and continue to love you. Everything we did was for you. You owned every single bed, couch, chair, and spot in the house and we would stop anything we were doing if you simply looked in our direction signaling that you either wanted to go outside for a quick pee-pee, or just lead us around the house in an endless chase to nowhere. Hearing your little paws on the floor was music to my ears, and even though your random loud barks at the neighbors would make my heart skip a beat, I would give anything to hear your bark again. I have endless precious memories of you. Rolling in the grass, pawing at water, laughing under the bed, delicately eating your treats, begging for my breakfast, hitting everyone with Sharky, turning around and seeing your belly in the air, your playfulness and so many more. You will always be a member of our family, our precious girl, and eternal angel. I can't wait to see you again and give you a big old smooch! Play well up there baby and send us some love down here too 💖Darci Allen - July 7, 2020
ELIZABETH ALLEN - July 7, 2020

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