3/1/2002 - 6/25/2014In memory of my little bad girl. You will always be in my heart as my first little feral that I ever raised. I wish you were here to bite me one more time. I'm sad you had to go, but I was sadder still to see you declining and not feeling like the happy little girl you used to be. Mommy loves you alwaysEllen HolmesPembroke Pines, FloridaJune 28, 2014
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I still think of my bad girl everyday.. I miss her so, that feisty little cat. Especially thinking of her because we adopted another feral kitten this month. Bebe’s legacy is that I learned how to socialize feral cats! I sure hope you’re waiting to bite me when you see me at the Rainbow BridgeEllen Holmes - August 18, 2018
I miss you every day, still, you little bad girl! I hope you are chasing Butzl around the rainbow bridge! I think of you every day, and the things you used to do ( biting everyone). When I cut up chicken for your sisters, who you loved to hate, I remember that it was your favorite! A little cat who made a big impact.. one day i'll see you again!
your furmommy
ellen holmes - November 25, 2015
I miss your cute little face every day! I miss you so much I had a portrait of you tattooed on my leg! Now you're with me always, you little bad thing. Daddy made a little memorial station so I always see your picture, along with your urn, pawprint and fur clippings. I hope you are having lots of fun over the rainbow bridge!Ellen Holmes - March 14, 2015
I just lost my Bebe real name Huggies on October 2 at 11 am. I had her since the day she was born from a litter of 13 back in 1999. We found homes for all but her. She was my dying mom's therapy cat, I agreed to raise her after wards. My life had terrible twists and turns and she became a victim of an alcoholic I dated in 2001. He was bipolar and borderline personality disorder. He did terrible things but the worst was him one day kicking her to every ceiling of the house while I was at work, he lied and said a dog got ahold of her. She survived with an emergency vet hospitals help, left blind in one eye and organ damages. As the years grew on I finally found my husband and gave her a human sister. They were just like siblings fought, played and partners in crime. A month ago her kidneys started failing no matter how much I spent at the vet hospital no matter how I tweaked her cooked diet, the inevitable was at bay waiting to come over us. I vowed to never due euthanasia and I'm happy I didn't bc I made every hour of every day count with endless love, warmth, singing, hidden sorrow but the intentions of a peaceful transition as she slipped away into the spirit world. It's so painful losing an animal, just like losing a child in which she was around for before I had my daughter, she knew before I did both times I was pregnant and cats are very smart contrary to what some may think. I only pray that her spirit follows me everywhere I go but otherwise the world seems too quiet and too empty.Crystal Sands-Mckinney - October 6, 2014
I miss you a lot!! I still expect to see you at the door to go in or out!! Bin having your portrait tattooed on me in a few weeks to honor your memory. You were a wonderful little kitty, even if you bit me. I love you still, little bad girlEllen Holmes - October 1, 2014
I miss my little bad girl every day. Your urn sits where you used to lay in my bedroom by the window. It's a very pretty urn, but not as pretty as my kitty was. I'm sad you're gone, but glad that I was able to help you go before you were in pain and unhappy. That's the best gift I could give you for a lifetime of love. Maybe you'll be there waiting to bite me when I come over the rainbow bridgeEllen Holmes - August 15, 2014
My kitty sister who by all means took over my nickname of PIB (pain in butt). As allergic as I was, I would let her bite my hand just one more time. Keep a watch over Clicky for us. <3Lori Rogulski - August 15, 2014
Ellen Holmes - August 15, 2014
Bebe is just beautiful! I am so sorry for your loss.

Dr. Mary
Mary Gardner, DVM - June 29, 2014
There is always room for a naughty kitty with a good heart in Heaven. Thank goodness for people like Ellen to be there for these abandoned cats.Amanda Grant - June 28, 2014
Ellen Holmes - June 28, 2014

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