9/27/2003 - 3/6/2014As I laid awake thinking of you the night you left, Scouty, I thought of so many things I would have wanted to tell you on your last moments, but didn’t manage to say, so:
Thank you, it was a joy and a privilege to be your mommy and I never took for granted that you saw me that way and always came to me when you found yourself in need.
Thank you for being so good and so kind. For sleeping on my head when you were a puppy, for covering up for Nemo when he was being naughty. You’d create a distraction so we’d focus on you instead of busting him.
Thank you for making me feel so welcome every day when I came home from work. You’d wait for me looking at the window and when I walked in you’d be wagging your entire body and your face looked as though you were just about to cry for joy as if me coming home was the single most wonderful thing that ever happened to you.
Thank you because without you my children wouldn’t even exist, and thank you for loving them and being part of their lives. Thank you for letting them get on you and get silly with you, thank you for fetching the balls in the water for them and for the games of hide and go seek.
Thank you for sitting with me every morning, before the sun came out, on the couch as I drank my coffee. That space you occupied for ten years felt like a lunar crater this morning.
And thank you, God, for letting us have this precious soul for a while. I surely can’t blame you for calling him back to you. Please love him every day, he loves to play with puppies and with children, and please give him peanut butter, I promised him you would.
Until we meet again baby pooh
Yelitza GlaserCoral Springs, FloridaJuly 1, 2014
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Rest in peace Scout, please take care of Nemo for mommy and daddy!Dr. Diana - July 1, 2014

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