7/19/2003 - 6/25/2014The moment Scouty left us, I knew I’d soon lose you. Although I wasn’t your real mommy, I was the mommy you had Nemo, and I knew you so well. I knew that all your emotions were so intense that I had to make sure to keep them in check so you wouldn’t get in trouble. I knew you loved so hard that when your best bud, your brother of your entire life was gone that’d be the end of you. And I saw you crumble until I had no choice but put aside my need to have you by my side and let you reunite with him.
I still remember as if it was yesterday, going to that rescue event, and goodness they pulled you out of this dog carrier that had to be three times smaller than you. How did they ever squeeze you in there? I just felt so upset. I learned they never cropped your ears as they were going to eliminate you. I never saw a Doberman with his original ears before and I thought, why do people mess with something this beautiful?! You clung to me as soon as you saw me. I was there to get a little dog, and there I went home with a 20 pound puppy that would end up as a 120 big boy.
Nemo, the troublemaker, evil genius! Working together with his accomplice Scout. Together, worked as a team creating distractions while the other would run away with food whatever else was in their radar. Nemo the master of comfort, enviable ability to score the best spots anywhere we went. Somehow managed to arrange things around to create whatever was needed for that moment to be as comfortable as possible. Pillows and cushions for head and/or back support, blankets to cover up on colder days. Nemo, my gorgeous, handsome boy, with such class and style. Now, find me any guy out there that can pull off a tux as well as a skirt, hats of any kind.
I hope you were happy Nemo.
As sad as I am today, and my God am I sad, I am also thankful. How many people out there get to have a Nemo and Scout. I’ll always treasure our times together, including the time it was just me and you.
I’ll always remember our vacations in the mountains, our Christmases together and your efficient work as the official present opener, our jogs together, the hurricanes, and the best kisses in town. I will always treasure the fact that no matter what, I knew I was coming home to a VIP welcome, even in your last days when getting up was so hard for you, you always rushed to the door and made me feel so very special.
As you arrive to heaven and see Scout, I can almost see the most epic stare down of all time. Boy, that should be a sight. You guys be good, don’t destroy the place. Don’t eat God’s couch, or play tug-a-war with the patio screen, don’t steal an entire roast from the kitchen counter and don’t cake the entire place with a mix of Bisquick and doggie spit. If walls are getting painted because you dug a hole in them from roughhousing, don’t eat the paint, or crayons (remember, colored poop is still poop), and oh yeah no digging in the yard.
It was my delight and my privilege to be your mommy my sweet boy, taking care of you, bathing you, feeding, walking you, caring for you the very few times (thankfully) that you got sick, taking you to the park and on vacations. I will always, always remember these amazing years you gave me, and I will always treasure the fact that no matter how much I loved you, and I did immensely, I always knew you loved me even more.
I don’t know with certainty what heaven is, but I do know that when my time comes, if I see two big dogs with the most gorgeous smiles, sprinting out of control towards me, I will know I am there.
Yelitza GlaserCoral Springs, FloridaJuly 1, 2014
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Oh Yelitza, I am so sorry for your loss of Nemo so soon after Scout. I wish I knew sooner that he was sick so I could have been there for you. Scout and Nemo are reunited and watching over you! Love, Dr. Diana xoxo.Dr. Diana - July 1, 2014

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