3/28/2006 - 7/24/2020Two days ago we said goodbye to our feisty, sweet, beloved girl, Nina. At 5 pounds she was quite petite but bossed around her much larger buddy Ben. Nina was very active, curious, sociable, and affectionate, and loved being on our laps. Curling up with her while she purred and kneaded was happiness itself. She brought great joy to us and everyone who visited our home. In the past couple of months we began taking her outside with us in the backyard and she greatly enjoyed exploring and lying in the sun on the patio. Our hearts are aching and we will miss her so much. But we’re grateful to have had Nina in our lives for 13+ years. Being at home these past few months has been a gift in that we were all home to take care of her, and to shower her with love. Rest in peace, sweet girl.Lisa PalmerHopkinton, MassachusettsJuly 26, 2020
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Nina was a sweet little kitty who enjoyed our piano lessons...she even played occasionally or hid behind
the music peeking out to make sure we knew she was there.
The cutest cat I have ever known and I will miss her sweet little face.
linda lyon - August 3, 2020
Rest in peace Nina. 💕Laurie Brown - July 27, 2020

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