3/17/1998 - 7/2/2014Our Murphee girl left us, peacefully on July 2. We had her for 16 amazing years. She was such a sweet girl who took a piece of my heart with her. She bravely fought lymphoma- put up with all the treatments, tests, drives, and medications- way better then I could have ever expected or could have hoped. She was the sweetest cat and we experienced so many of life's ups and downs together- I could not have asked for better. She was as her daddy aptly described her, "one rough tabby". Murphee , may you rest in peace and know how much you were loved. It was an honor and privilege to serve you in your time of need and illness and a lifelong honor to have been your mommy. I love you with my entire heart and I always will forever and ever.Kate CaravellaMadeira Beach, FloridaJuly 6, 2014
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Laura Osterkamp - October 27, 2014
With all you went through Murphee--the rewards will be so wonderful--you wouldn't believe,but I want to say to your
forever mom and dad that I know how sad they are without you--it hurts so bad,but there will be a day =when they will
see you again,and you will be the picture of health♥
Barbara Grimes - September 25, 2014
Run free & healthy at Rainbow Bridge, MurpheeMarilyn Saunders - August 4, 2014
Purrs and loveAmanda Young - August 1, 2014
R.I.P. sweet MurpheeValerie Lane - August 1, 2014
Where she took that piece of your heart with her will forever be filled with all the beautiful memories of her life with you. May the memories warm your heart with wonderful thoughts and give you peace. God bless you, Kate and that beautiful little soul, Murphee.Jonie Brockmeyer - August 1, 2014
What a wonderful tribute <3 RIP Murphee SweetheartJoy O'Malley Browning - July 31, 2014
Your spirit will live on forever! Fly free, Murphee.Connie Henrici - July 31, 2014
<3Ann McLeod - July 31, 2014
Am so sorry.... No words can ever explain the pain when you love a animal so much.magda robbertse - July 31, 2014
God bless you, Murphee! You are in the loving arms of God and are healed! God's sweet angel!LauraLea Anderson - July 31, 2014
Prayers....Sally & Don Armstong - July 31, 2014
Love and peace ♡♡Lisa A - July 31, 2014
Carlos Renato Zadi - July 31, 2014
Very sorry to hear about Murphee RIPGino Lyons - July 31, 2014
Fly free with the fur angels at Rainbow Bridge. <3Ann Bodge - July 31, 2014
Rest in piece sweet angel. Find my Mi Pi and kiss her for me!!!Lisa Broshar - July 31, 2014
Run free sweet baby.Kristen Stahl - July 31, 2014
God bless u sweet kitty.Mary Tyree - July 31, 2014
What a wonderful cat you were Murphee. I hope your mommy and daddy find some comfort and peace soon.Leslie Leavitt - July 30, 2014
Now you have your wings Murphee & can watch over mommy & daddy. RIP sweet girl you'll meet some wonderful kitties over the Rainbow Bridge including my Juney who's been there 3 months from mouth cancer at the age of 7. Prayers for you sweetie & mommy & daddy. <3NormaJean McElyea - July 30, 2014
For Murphee, a sweet brave girl. May your light shine on.Tina D - July 30, 2014
Run free beautiful angelLiz Cody - July 30, 2014
I'm so very sorry for your loss. Rest in peace sweet Murphee.Rhonda Reese - July 30, 2014
Murphee, we love you.Melanie Lakey - July 30, 2014
Murph- wishing you much love and warm hugs at the bridge sweet baby. May your parents find peace and comfort in knowing that you are safe and sound in God's loving arms. Bless you sweet baby!Mindy Nottage - July 30, 2014
I am so sorry for your loss. Hugs and prayers to you!!!
Ontario, Canada
M Clark - July 30, 2014
May you rest in peace, no more pain.Trisha Hayde - July 30, 2014
You are lovedPurol - July 30, 2014
It sounds like Murphee had a wonderful life. I am so very sorry for your loss.Patti Ramig - July 30, 2014
I am so sorry for your loss. You will meet again someday, but for now she just gets to play.Dorothy Prater - July 30, 2014
Be at peace Murphee <3Moe Hawkins - July 30, 2014
Sending loving thoughts & healing prayers in memory of Murphee beloved kitty.Charlene Dean - July 30, 2014
I'm so sorry this happened to you Murphee. Across the Rainbow Bridge lie the Meadows of Heaven. Play there and be healthy and happy. Prayers, blessings and deep condolences from my family to yours in this time of heartbreaking loss.Ivalynn Reust - July 30, 2014
Sending universal light of healing to your broken heart. May her beautiful light of life always burn brightly in your heartAbby Smith - July 30, 2014
I'm so very sorry for your loss. It is so hard to lose any loved ones. Murphee had a good life with you and was very much loved. RIP beautiful. Murphee.Robin Blew - July 30, 2014
You'll be missed.. Lighting a candle by my pack
Skeeter , sunny , Rosie & pistol Pete
angie gamble - July 30, 2014
Your wings are out now Murphee so fly free. I had kitties fight this brave fight who are up there and I know they were glad to meet you and welcome you home. God bless you and your family. Until we are all reunited with our babies stay warm with God. Love and kisses and I'm sure I'll meet you when God allows. You will b missed by many and loved by all. XoxoxoFrancine Corgliano - July 30, 2014
May you rest in peace and finally be free of all the pain<3 Run free little one now you can be really happy and run through the flowers with all of your friends over the rainbow bridge....Teri Smith - July 30, 2014
RIP sweet Murphee <3Lynn Treadway - July 30, 2014
Sweet sweet easy now!..all is well.......Love is all around you & your whole family....Sheryl Maney - July 30, 2014
Dear sweet Murphee s Mommy & Daddy,
I am praying for your hearts to heal a bit. Although, I KNOW how it hurts. Your Murphee is so beautiful and was so brave. She now waits at the Rainbow Bridge for you both. There are no words to ease your pain now.............I understand that. My Smudgie went peacefully to the Rainbow Bridge on 12/21/2013. I still cry and my heart still is sad. So, I do understand............Rest in sweet, everlasting peace sweet Murphee, you were and are deeply loved.
Patti Bane - July 30, 2014
May you find peace during this time of sorrow, and maybe Murphee will send you another furbaby to love and take care of in her place. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. What a brave soul Murphee was!Maggie Lind - July 30, 2014
Your baby knows that you loved her & only wanted the best for her. She'll see you on the other side.Bonnie Entringer - July 30, 2014
am so sorry for your loss, I just had to put my 17 yr. old cat to sleep, please remember that your sweet baby will always be near you in your thought and heart.marcia marks - July 30, 2014
Sorry for your lossFrank Corvino - July 30, 2014
Dear little girl,
May the Blessed Mother take you over the bridge, gently holding you. Run and play now! You are free of illness! Please give my babies, Sigmund, Mozart, Keekers, Michael and Dunsel a head bonk!
Kathy Groux - July 30, 2014
Rest in peace sweet Murphee.Tina Angelo - July 30, 2014
Prayers for the loved ones of this little girl.mason - July 30, 2014
Rest in Paradise sweet Murphee!Juliet Lewis - July 30, 2014
RIP sweet Murphee. I didn't know you or your family but wanted to send my luv to you all. Much love from me Dud and Burt in England.Christine Harvey - July 30, 2014
God bless you I don't know you but I love you & I pray for your familyBecky Newman - July 30, 2014
RIP sweet Angel. Love and miss you.Sabine Leitner - July 30, 2014
GINI SAVILLE - July 30, 2014
RIP sweet girllori coulter - July 30, 2014
Wishing you a peaceful and safe journey over the Rainbow Bridge.edyta jordan - July 30, 2014
Enjoy your time at Rainbow Bridge and and smile on your family every day.Michael Holland - July 30, 2014
Sending blessings to you!Marsha Smith - July 30, 2014
RIP sweet angel. Now you are healed. ❤😇jaime barnwell - July 30, 2014
<3Stephanie O - July 30, 2014
I know how hard it is to lose a loved one. I lost my Bubby to cancer over 4 years ago when he was only 9 - he was my BFF (best furry friend). I still think about him, but also know that he's not suffering any longer. I have 3 fur babies now that make me laugh & smile, and I know that Bubby is watching over them & me. Murphee is watching over you now and knows she had the best mommy in the world! Take care and stay strong <3Holly England - July 30, 2014
My thoughts and prayers are with your family. I lost 3 cats years ago. I know how hard it is. Run free in heaven. No more pain. RIP Murphee... 🙏❤️🐾🐾💋Renea Shaulis - July 30, 2014
My heart breaks for your loss. Kitties bring so much joy into our lives. I hope you find peace in the time you had with sweet Murphee.Lynn Flowers - July 30, 2014
forever freeBecky K - July 30, 2014
God bless and RIP Sweet Murphee. Frolic in the grass at the Bridge with all your furriends chasing butterflies :D You've earned your wings, Now run free, Go play with the Angels :D Thoughts and prayers to Murphee's Momma, so sorry for the loss of your beautiful gurl :DBillie Jo Rowsey - July 30, 2014
So sorry for your loss.Nancy Bontempi - July 30, 2014
Rest in peace little one. Love and prayers are being sent to your loved ones.Cheryl - July 30, 2014
Rest in peace Murphee over the rainbow bridge.Devvie Walton - July 30, 2014
Sending my thoughts and prayers xDanielle Waddell - July 30, 2014
For Murphee xxMargaret Murray - July 30, 2014
Fly free at the Bridge MurpheeIngrid Gordon - July 30, 2014
So sorry for your loss.Rebecca Robinson - July 30, 2014
You will be deeply missed. Be free sweet darling.Angie Carroll - July 30, 2014
You're missed and loved dear Murphee. Sending love to you and your care givers. God bless your beautiful soul. Rest in peace sweetie.Rachel Weiss - July 30, 2014
wishing you a safe journey to the place where there is no more pain and you can play with all the other can now be a guardian angel to your human mom .doreen Hesse - July 30, 2014
RIP little one!Linda Rathburn - July 30, 2014
Bast, Sekhmet, we give you back your child.
Noble, regal, honorable cat.
Watch over her, and guide her on her way
to the spirit world.
May she be blessed in your names,
and hunt ever after beside you.
Charlotte Gilbert - July 30, 2014
Always love her, never forget her - and remember that even death is not unkind, when living love is left behind.....Meagan Bierbach - July 30, 2014
So sorry for the lost of your kitty. Please take care. Lots of Love from my kittens, Mittens and Pooh Bear.Sandra Fletcher - July 30, 2014
Prayers and thoughts your way.Jeremy Bishop - July 30, 2014
Laura Markowicz - July 30, 2014
Your physical body is gone but your love and light will forever be with all you touched.Diane Johnson - July 30, 2014
RIP little brave angel! You are now no longer in pain and you are running in the beautiful meadows and watching over your family! God Bless you sweet kitty!Ann Duke - July 30, 2014
So sorry for your loss. I lost my heart and soul dog Tank three years ago.
And not a day goes by that I don't think of him and miss him. They leave such a hole
When they leave but are such a blessing when they are here. She was a beautiful
Little soul and I know your reunion will be joyous! Prayers and best wishes.
Tracey McCarthy - July 30, 2014
Be happy sweet Murphee<3Amy Gerasimiak - July 30, 2014
I know what it means to loose a pet that you dearly love, I still light a candle for my beloved Ratz, who was part Siamese and Himalayan. Now our pets are buddies in the sky above playing for all eternity but never forgotten.Blackford - July 30, 2014
Prayers sent sorry for your lossToni Partite - July 30, 2014
RIP sweet girl, you will be missed until the day you and your family meet again...Judith Carrie - July 30, 2014
rest in peace sweet girl, god bless you💜kelli van pelt - July 30, 2014
RIP, Murphee. Prayers for comfort for your
loved ones are coming their way. You were a loving fur baby
and will never be forgotten.
Laura Sellers - July 30, 2014
RIP sweet little Murphee. I know by now you've met my Misty and Spooky at the Rainbow Bridge. I know you will be great friends. I'm praying for your mommy, daddy, and sissy. I know you were so loved and will be missed.Anita Fritzer - July 30, 2014
You are so loved and are missed terribly. We are glad you are not hurting and are able to Run free.RIP sweet babyvicki easley - July 30, 2014
I'm so sorry, rest easy precious sweetie.Pat Downey - July 30, 2014
So sorry for your loss. Rest in peace Murphy.Diane Tadisch - July 30, 2014
I am so sorry for your loss of dear Murphee. I know that she will be greeting my "Kikky", whom I lost one week ago today. She was my Special Cat and I will miss her until I meet her again. I will be thinking of you, and will light a candle for sweet Murphee.
Janet Bonney - July 30, 2014
Rest in peace, little one.Sheila Watson - July 30, 2014
Sending love.Rebekah DeHaven - July 30, 2014
I'm so sorry for your loss. Keep tight the 16 years of memories.Donna Arrowood - July 30, 2014
RIP beautifulAmanda Mitchell - July 30, 2014
My Sincere Condolences On The Loss Of Your Beautiful Girl

RIP Murphee <3 <3
Judy Caruso - July 30, 2014
Your family both 4 legged and 2 legged are in our prayers.Dianne Prout - July 30, 2014
Melinda Brady - July 30, 2014
Be free over the rainbowGibson - July 30, 2014
Enjoy Heaven, you've earned your wings after such a brave fight. My condolences to the familyJane Chemi - July 30, 2014
I am terribly sorry for the loss of your fur-baby (they always stay babies in my opinion). I too have suffered the loss of a beloved pet in the past (5 in fact) and like everything only time heals. May God assist you through this time and keep all your glorious memories of Murphee alive in your hearts! <3D'Urso - July 30, 2014
I didn't know you Murph but your friend Big Daddy says you helped him so I am sending some love and caring to your people. Have a safe journey!Donna Mahony - July 30, 2014
Love you little Murphee. <3Jayne Sabino - July 30, 2014
Prayers and Hugs. Fly free sweet baby.Nancy Johnson - July 30, 2014
Prayers for you. Your baby will always be by your side.Jennifer Addonizio - July 30, 2014
Gentle Journey sweet Murphee. I have asked my cats on the other side to escort you to a place of peace and joy with no pain and suffering. You will be able to watch over and visit your loved ones here, until they come to meet you. Lots of love!
---from a cat lover
Mary Whitmore - July 30, 2014
Run free beautiful Murphee!Cathie Henle Lewis - July 30, 2014
So sorry, beautiful rough tabby xxxxRachel Evans - July 30, 2014
Love and light. Rest peacefully, little one <3Julie Snow Regan - July 30, 2014
With heartfelt sympathy and prayers of celebration of a wonderful lifeLee Renda - July 30, 2014
R.I.P. dear Murphee. Run over the Rainbow Bridge without pain or illness.Scooby and Scrappy Ferns - July 30, 2014
Murphee, you were very brave and strong during your struggle, and you were loved more than anything. We will miss you, sweet girl.Warren Royal - July 30, 2014
Sleep tight angel and then play like a kitten. You have left a lifetime of memories for your family.juliet elswood - July 30, 2014
Free of pain now :)B - July 30, 2014
I know you are very loved and missed so much. Prayers to your Mommy and DaddyLisa Francese - July 20, 2014
Love and blessings to you.Michael Fernandez - July 18, 2014
I miss my Murphee daughter. Love- daddyBob Hahn - July 16, 2014
I miss my sister xoxoxoxoxSqueak - July 15, 2014
Sending healing thoughts, from another kitty's mom in grieve.Sandra Fatio - July 13, 2014
For sweet Murphee.Katy Haney - July 12, 2014
Murphee you will live on in the hearts of many forever!Mccauley - July 12, 2014
What a great memorial you wrote for your girl Murphee. You sure sound like a wonderful Mom with a warm and loving heart. So glad Murphee came into your life.
Lin Hammond - July 12, 2014
God bless you, Murphee. I hope you see beautiful angels and hear glorious trumpets....carole trifero - July 12, 2014
It was a blessing to care for you. You will always have a special place I. My heart. Rest in piece mt friend- aunt KarolKarol Dunlop - July 11, 2014
RIP MurpheeMisty Tracy - July 11, 2014
My deepest condolences. May your wonderful memories of Murphee comfort you. xxSuzanne Glaser - July 11, 2014
Rest in peace, Murphee.V Tysvar - July 11, 2014
Kate and Bob,
It hurts, yes really hurts. It feels like life is not worth living. Time will heal your pain and you will be able to live life again. You just might not believe it but it will happen in time.

Hopefully you will remember how sweet and happy Murphee was living with you both. We love Murphee.
Lin Hammond - July 11, 2014
Anna Fuzzy's Mom - July 10, 2014
Murphee had an amazing life with you and Bob! The two of you gave her home and love and family that was amazing! She,in return, gave you guys such love, companionship, acceptance and understanding theatnever ended. I know there will be an empty spot in your home and pain in your heart for a while. Remember, though, Murphee would want nothing more than for the two of you to feel as free as she is right now! Her passing at this time is a gift to you in someway. She would love for the two of you to know that gift and to keep alive her presence, her joy and her gift in your life forever. She will be watching over both of you always. My prayers are with you and with Murph! God Bless the love you all haveKristen Bomas - July 10, 2014
We our sorry for your loss. Murphee is resting in peace.
I remember her when you got her as a kitten.
She was so beautiful!
Frank & Pamela Notino - July 10, 2014
HugsChing-Lueh Chang - July 10, 2014
Sheri Heaslip - July 10, 2014
Kate, Bob, and Squeak,

I followed your journey with Murphee on the feline-lymphoma Yahoo group. Murphee was a special kitty, and she was lucky to have such a special family to love and care for her.

Tracie, Donut and Sophie
Tracie Henderson - July 10, 2014
Kathy and Rich Muller - July 10, 2014
Lots of love and hugs to you❤️ Rest easy Murphee girl.Bonni Stark - July 10, 2014
Sweet Murphee!! Happy I had the pleasure of "babysitting" for you when Mom & Dad were in Hawaii!
You are now reunited with Millie and I hope you are with my Jasper too!! You will be missed on earth and never forgotten!
Tina Campana - July 10, 2014
What a great cat you are Murphee!Harvey Brown - July 10, 2014
What a beatiful sweet baby. As a cat mom who has lost 2 dear cats to cancer so recent, March 31st and
July 1st, my heart truly shares in your pain. What precious gifts they are to us. I wish you peace and
comfort during this loss of Murphee.
Sharon, and Angels Lester and Morris
Sharon English - July 10, 2014
Kate, Bob & Squeak
I only met her once but know what everyone says about the sweet face and disposition Murphee had and still has. Bet she's making lots of friends. She had a magnetism that drew me to give her head kisses at the vets office. Be strong Kate. You feel this way because you loved her so and that doesn't go away.
Lorraine W - July 10, 2014
A beautiful tribute to your sweet baby.Wendy Rice - July 10, 2014
May you forever rest in peace over the Rainbow Bridge.Mary Wieloch - July 10, 2014
Safe travels, Murpee.Liz Bruce - July 10, 2014
What tremendous joy dear, sweet Murph brought to me when her picture was posted or her antics were lovingly described by her mama!
Bringing joy to others........what a wonderful gift you have left for those who loved and cared for you.
Mary Rose Prokop - July 10, 2014
Safe travels over that Rainbow Brusge, MurpheeNora Johnson - July 10, 2014
She was loved and she loved you. That will always remain.
Big hug!
Ana Yogui - July 10, 2014
I am very sorry about MurpheeJacky Andersen - July 10, 2014
God bless you, Murphee! My sweet 16 year old Autumn has mouth cancer (bone tumor on lower jaw). Times have been rough, but I pray she stays with me many more years, God willing. I know just how your human feels! Please pray for my Autumn up in heaven, and may God be with your family during this heavy hearted time. xo<3Dana & Autumn Tallar - July 10, 2014
Fly free, Murphee, and know that you are loved and missed!Michael Fernandez - July 10, 2014
Sending love and light!Erin and Scott Grupp - July 8, 2014
Will dearly miss my furry grandcat....I always thought she had the most beautiful little face and a lovely coat. And what a ham! She loved posing when her parents would dress her in some pretty outlandish outfits, almost looking as if to say..."let them have their jollies..." Who could forget her sweet sixteen blue taffeta number? Katie and Bob loved her desperately and tried so hard to make her well. Dear Murph, have a lovely rest. Katie and Bob, take comfort in your sweet memories. Love you.Dianne Murphy - July 8, 2014
While in Portugal I miss kitten that I fed often and with whom I spent several hours talking.
At this painful time a very big kiss Kate and Bob
TITA SAMPAIO - July 7, 2014
A big kiss to a lovely loved soul.Lola Knapple - July 7, 2014
Much love to your mom and dad. Wishing you a peaceful and safe journey over the Rainbow Bridge.Anne-Marie Brown - July 7, 2014
Love you so much sweet murph!Your mommy Caravella - July 6, 2014

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