8/6/2005 - 7/26/2020Yesterday we said goodbye to our beautiful, funny, lovable, sweet Butchie von Terrier. We made the decision earlier in the week to let him cross the Rainbow Bridge to Heaven. We got to hug him for the whole week and cry and tell him how much we love him and how much we were going to miss him. We let him know the whole week that he can go, and even though we will be hurting, we will be ok. We let him know that he deserved the peace. He got his favorite meal on Friday night and then special meals all day Saturday ending with his favorite dessert. Sunday morning I got up with him and took him outside in the yard where he loved to lay and hang with me everyday and we watched the sunrise. Afterwards I made him a bacon and egg breakfast and helped him eat it to ensure he got to enjoy it. Then we went back outside and waited for the Dr. Kim Slade from Lap of Love to come. Everyone got their good byes with him and told him everything we wanted him to know. We took a family photo, and we all look like crap but who cares, it is a photograph of the last time we all got to be together. We did it in his favorite place in the whole wide world, his home. He loved being home and he loved being with us. It was peaceful and even beautiful. Our boy is finally free of the discomfort he was dealing with. We are so sad in this house, the pain is unbearable, but we know it was time for Butchie to go. We were hoping we could wait till after his 15th birthday on August 6th but it wasn't meant to be. From the moment he entered our lives he became our baby and always acted like one. We truly believed he thought he was human. He was our "first" baby and our son's big brother. He was never mean to any person or animal he met (except for robins, he wanted to catch one so bad and would sit on the window sills stalking them). He would get mad and not speak to us for days when we would go on vacation and leave him with someone. He loved sleeping with us, as a matter of fact, he had to or he would cry all night- we never let him cry, he slept with us. When we were hurting he would snuggle into us and comfort us. We wish he was here now with that comfort because we are hurting. We wish there was a window in heaven where we can see how happy he must be now being able to see, hear, think clearer, walk, stand, jump and his favorite thing, run. We are waiting for his ashes to come home to us , the place he loved the most. We need him home, we want him home, with us. Butchie, as my husband would say, was "The greatest dog that ever lived!" Even in death. We love you Butchie, we miss you too damn much already. You truly were our joy and love- you were perfect. We will see you in Heaven when it's our turn. For now, say hello to all your family and friends and fur babies up there now and have a blast Butchie. RIP our little chocolate chip peanut butter cup. ❤️🐶🌈Jennifer GrzendaPISCATAWAY, New JerseyJuly 27, 2020
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Till we come to get you at Rainbow Bridge, you will be in our hearts forever. You were the best and we miss and love you so much.Jennifer Grzenda - July 29, 2020

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