2/10/2006 - 7/27/2020My sweet pup was the most devoted and caring dog one could imagine. Chico was at mom's side when she suffered he stroke in 2009. He came home with us to our Costa Mesa apartment. Suddenly steep outdoor stairs and no yard was his world. He adjusted to walks in the complex and nearby park. In May 2012, we bought our home in Costa Mesa. In August 2013, Chico stayed at Michael's side when he passed away from cancer. In July 2014, he once again had a full-time companion upon my retirement. For the next six years, he was able to enjoy his house, his yard, and his multiple places of rest despite blindness due to PRA and increasing mobility issues as he aged. While he could no longer leap to the top of the window seat to bark at the gardeners or atop the bed to hide under the pillows, he remained a proud and fiercely protective pup who was beloved by all of my family and friends. His passing causes me endless sadness, but I can only hope that he is reunited with Michael and mom, no longer afflicted with blindness and mobility issues, again able to enjoy the treats he so richly deserved.Richard BowerCosta Mesa, CaliforniaJuly 28, 2020
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So sorry for your loss of your beloved fur baby.Mason Arrigo - August 7, 2020
Richard, We are so sorry that Chico had to leave you but he is with Mom and Michael now. He was a great companion to you and will be missed. However that being said I/we will not miss the attitude we got every time we tried to take you out somewhere. Lol Just cherish the memories you had together and be glad you got to have him in your life as long as you did.Jackie & Pierre Liechti - August 5, 2020
I will miss dear Chico. He always alerted Richard to my arrival at the front door. He was a fierce protector. He always let me pet him after Richard let him know I was ok. I tried to remember not to call around Chico's snack time. He did not want anyone interrupting his snacks. Chico was a wonderful companion and buddy to Richard. Love you Chico.Brenda Vaughn - August 1, 2020
I’m so sorry for Chico’s passing.
I imagine he is running wild & free,
enjoying endless treats & love from Michael & your Mom!
Lynn Ruiz - July 31, 2020
Chico's patrolling in Heavens yard.
Safe with fluffy beds and endless treats with petting hands from all the loved ones that have passed.
I feel blessed to have witnessed Chico's love,devotion and wonderful companionship!

With heavy heart he(boo boo)will be missed❣️
Paul Hendrick - July 30, 2020
With each one that passes, it doesn't get easier. The pain is still there. Having lost a few dogs along the way, they were family. The memories and time are the only source of pain relief. Sorry again for the loss Richard. Rest easy Chico.David Hamrick - July 29, 2020
I know how hard this loss has been for Richard and send my most deeply felt sympathy at this time!

I only came to know Chico through Richard's emails but I did know him to be the best friend and family member one could ask for. I will miss hearing about his activities during a given day. Chico was spirited and a "team player," and certainly took a good photo! The blessing for Richard is the many memories he will have of this wonderful and devoted friend.

Clyde Derrick
Clyde Derrick - July 29, 2020
Chico was such a loving and sweet companion. He will be sorely missed by all those that had the privilege of knowing him.Joanne Gobbi - July 29, 2020
This is such a sweet memory of Chico!
And I love the pictures of him especially picture #2.
He looks so regal!
Thank you for sharing!
Loreen Attridge - July 29, 2020
I love you Bear! I miss you terribly, but I hope you know how much all of us loved you. I am so glad that you are not suffering. If cheese exists where you are, please eat a bunch for me.Richard Bower - July 29, 2020
Chico was an amazing staple to the family. His friendly and loving spirit will shine on in our hearts forever.Anthony Liechti - July 29, 2020

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