8/8/2006 - 7/28/2020To my precious DemoCAT Dicky, you were and always will be the light of my life. You smoothed all the rough edges and left peace and tranquility in your wake. I miss our “conversations” and your back talk always asking me “why” when I told you no. I miss you sitting in my lap every night watching the evening news and your purring reassurance that everything would be all right. You had a tough introduction to the cruelty that lurks in the real world when you were abandoned in a box with your 3 -week old siblings on a hot South Carolina August day. But you held no grudges and set about to squeeze every drop of living out of your next 14 years. The joy you brought into my life will live on in my memory. This past year was hard for you as you battled lymphoma but you stood up to the trials and discomforts like the Gentleman-cat that you were - always putting on a brave face and making the best out of every day. Your eyes always reminded me that “Today was a Gift”. You have gone on to another plane but you will always be here with me in my heart. I love and miss you so much. I just wish I could put my arms around you and bury my face in your soft sweet fur just one more time. Til we meet again.Rosemary CalhounChapin, South CarolinaJuly 31, 2020
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Thinking of you and your sweet feline. Dicky sounds like an amazing companion and I hope the memories bring continuous smiles to your face.Shawn McGuffey - August 1, 2020
Dicky was a truly awesome cat. I can say this confidently having (unfortunately) only met him once. Despite the toll the lymphoma was taking on his body, Dicky found the strength to greet me at the door on his last day. This was his custom as both a gracious host and observant protector. His selfless dedication was evident, as was The Calhouns’ to him. This is a sad profession sometimes, but it is absolutely worth it to witness and be part of (even if for too short a time) such incredible human-animal relationships as Rosie and Rob had with Dicky. I am honored to have helped them.Will Basinger - August 1, 2020

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