Allie Sullivan
12/30/2004 - 7/20/2020Our sweet Baby Girl, our Allie Bear. It’s been 11 days since you left this world and ours hearts are shattered. You were such a force in our lives that we grieved your loss before you even left us, just knowing that our lives would never be the same. The moment your heart stopped beating the world became dimmer, less joyful, empty feeling. You were such an amazing little girl and we are so very thankful that God honored me with being your mama for 15 ½ years. From the day we met, you’ve brought laughter, joy and light into our lives. You were so special, we had a humanlike connection – something we never had with any other family dogs. You teased like a person would tease, you smiled full-on goofy and silly with your teeth, you kissed with your lips like a person and you loved nothing more than just being one of the girls. We will miss our girl sitting on the stairs with us at the lake watching the ducks, we will miss feeding you tiny bites of gummy bears, Twizzlers and popcorn on movie nights. You snorted when you smiled – it was precious and adorable and will be so badly missed. You were such a goober with how you would fling your squeaky toys, almost like they were filled with lava and you couldn’t touch them for more than a brief second. We will miss the games we would play… we could just make up a game and you’d catch on right away and play back, making us laugh until we cried. Oh, how you loved watermelon and you ate pears like a person. We will miss that long nose that you used like a finger to poke us when you wanted something or to push things away when you didn’t want something. You had a better wardrobe than any of us did and you wore them so cute… you in your little dresses or hoodies and how you would walk around the room until everyone said how pretty you looked in them. We will miss your very loud bark which is why you were our ‘Yorkietriever'. Oh, how we will miss your beautiful face and those big brown eyes that took life in with such passion. But most of all we will miss your sweet and loving spirit and how you filled up a room and owned it. There were no strangers in your little world, everyone was your friend and we know you are now in heaven running beautifully and giving everyone you meet snorty smiles and kisses and making new friends. I am envious of all of them and how lucky they are! We look forward to the day when we can once again see you and kiss you. We love you with everything we are and our hearts are broken with your loss. But we will see our sweet baby girl again someday in heaven.Vicki SullivanGrapevine, TexasAugust 1, 2020
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My sweet baby girl, I miss you so much it hurts. I will miss you every day for the rest of my life. You were one of a kind and so very special. I look forward to the day when I get to see you again and kiss your sweet face. Love you forever!Vicki Sullivan - August 14, 2020
So sorry for your loss. Allie sounds like a real character, and a special soul. The angels must be very pleased that she has returned to them. 🕊Sue Marston - August 2, 2020
What a little angel she was. May God ease your grief until you meet again.Teresa Leeth - August 1, 2020

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