Max Pilny
7/7/2007 - 7/31/2020How do you memorialize an affectionate, loving, smart, gentle giant? My husband and I housesat a beautiful labradoodle named Lenny and said that if we could ever find a dog like that, we would open our home up to him. And, then Max appeared. His beautiful amber eyes could melt you and that's exactly what he did! He was gentle, obedient and mannerly. However, we also found him to be a "Goldilocks" when it came to his bed! Every pillow off every bed and sofa, were thrown on the floor and, oh, how he loved to eat the starfish out of my shell bowls! Each time we left our home, we had to rearrange the stools on the furniture and put my shell bowls on top of the refrigerator. But, Max got past that and soon settled into his big, new comfortable bed that we bought him. Did I say settle? He actually "cathunked" his 110 pound body on to the floor. I personally know. being an attentive "mother" and listening for him to go to bed. Max roamed a lot, watching and guarding. Our little guy, Elvis, misses him terribly, too, and has become very clingy since Max's passing. Our entire household is "raw" right now and we miss his deep bark and head butt greetings at the door. We know that Max is in heaven, roaming the hills, for if God loves whom we love, then Max is there waiting for us. See you on the other side, our beloved boy! We miss you and love you!Linda BrandtSt. Augustine, FloridaAugust 2, 2020
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Rest in peace handsome Max. You were such a sweet, gentle boy and stayed so strong for your family. I am sure you are still lovingly watching over them now and running free over the Rainbow Bridge. 💜Kali Jimenez - August 6, 2020
You and your family are being held in my thoughts here in Chapin, SC as you navigate through the pain and heartbreak of losing Max.Rosemary Calhoun - August 3, 2020
Max was a very joyous part of my visits to your home for coffee and conversation. I too will miss his greeting at the door and sweet nudge for some love and touch. Praying for your family. All our love, Steve and Lennette DealLennette Deal - August 3, 2020

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