10/29/2006 - 8/7/2019Franklin. My sunshine, my snuggle bear, my buddy and my muse.

It's been a year since you have passed. You're still used as a meme in this house and in my inner friends' circle because you've left such a huge impact with the time you've spent here. I'm happy to know that I can still feel your fluffiness when I think about cuddling you. Accompanied by a purr of understanding and a feeling of endearment coming from your beautiful, gold eyes.

I want you to know that the pain of losing you has started to numb, no longer do I think of your last few days and that awful morning. When I scroll though my pictures of you, I'm reminded of how happy and spoiled you were in your lifetime. You weren't a pet to me, you were a huge part of my life; the guru of comfort and socialising, who only communicated your wisdom in purrs and boofs. You were the gentle giant who would live to meet new people and the more anchored in any of your relationships and I try to live by your teachings.

I will see you again when I reach the rainbow bridge; with your head down, eyes looking up and your tail starting to wag at a leisurely pace, picking up speed as I close the distance.

I love you Franklin, please wait a while longer.

Charlene PeckGrosse Pointe Woods, MichiganAugust 7, 2020
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