1/18/2005 - 7/31/2020Cosmo, was a gentle and loving soul. His daddy's best friend and his mommy's sweet boy. He loved people, especially children, and his family; where by his love he filled their lives with such joy. His loyalty and love for his family was unconditional. He accepted his family with all their flaws as well as their virtues. Winter was his favorite season and he liked nothing more than to play in the snow and catch snowballs. He loved cool days and many days he would lay out enjoying the cool air listening to the birds and enjoying the sound and feel of nature.

His daddy called him “Super Dog” and Cosmo loved to go hiking with him. The quiet of the trail in the deep woods is where their bond of love and friendship grew deep. He loved wading through creeks and sniffing out scents of forest critters. He always led the way on the trail and never got them lost. He gave tons of kisses and loved to get kisses back. Cosmo loved to cuddle and hang out with his family while they watched TV. He had a sense of humor and would lift the family cat “C.K.” up from behind with his nose when C.K. wasn’t looking, always ready to take off in retreat when he made C.K. mad and chased after him in retaliation. He was a happy dog and did the “bone dance” when he got a one of his cookies. He was athletic and would play tug of war, fetch the ball, and soft frisbee.

He loved his mommy very much and comforted her when C.K. passed away and eased her burden when her dad also passed away. Cosmo touched other people’s live as well. Because of knowing Cosmo, many people adopted their own dogs. He taught is daddy to love dogs and to enjoy the simple things in life. He was a gift and a joy and even though some might think he was just a dog he made the world a better place by making people become better in themselves.

In later life he got old and slowed down; but his love never faded. Even when his sight faded away and cancer and diabetes started to ravage is body, he remained a happy dog and inside his own mind he was still a puppy. He continued to run in his sleep and he would dream of chasing critters or finding out what was over the next hill on the trail. Though the walks with daddy became shorter and slower he still enjoyed getting out. Having to be guided by daddy because of his blindness, he still liked to sniff and listen to the sounds of nature. By then, the wooded trails were a distant memory. He began to spend more and more time in bed and in the last couple years of his life his daddy would stay with him at night to make sure that he was alright and let him know that he wasn’t alone now that he was living in a darkened world. In his last days, he was in increased pain and was having trouble sleeping, getting comfortable, and getting up and down the stairs. Cosmo and mommy and daddy knew that it was time.

One week ago, today, Cosmo passed away peacefully and with dignity in his bed, surrounded by his loving family and in his daddy’s arms. As he slipped away, he gave his daddy one last kiss goodbye. Now the house seems empty and his mommy and daddy miss him very much. The grief is more than they can bare and it is only now that these words are able to be written.

From mommy and daddy - Goodbye sweet boy and wait for us, we love you so much!

Where someday in the hereafter, Cosmo will again give his mommy a kiss and he and his daddy will walk the trail once again.
Brian & Terri PaukertAnnapolis, MarylandAugust 7, 2020
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Cosmo was a light in the world and I know he will be missed so much <3 I'm glad to have met him, even if only for a short timeRachel Klickman - August 12, 2020
Unfortunately, I did not know Cosmo directly. However, I was very fortunate and did know him via the enthusiastic stories I was told over many years. To hear Brian tell a story about Cosmo with such enthusiasm has been priceless. It wasn’t just the story of an event either. Brian often acted out the scene while telling the story from his perspective as well as Cosmo’s. Brian playing the part of Cosmo was the best part of it all. He had a specific voice he used while playing Cosmo including the additional voice inflections throughout. The laughter, joy and pure love for Cosmo was clear and undeniable from Brian. It was also clear the love and joy Cosmoo felt towardsBrian and his family. Watching Brian light up talking about his best friend….inspiring, to say the least about unconditional love and the definition of “A man’s best friend”. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your entire family. I’m sure CK opened the door and welcomed Cosmo and I am confident he replied with a “goose” to CK’s behind !Mike Sedlock - August 11, 2020
Cosmo was one of a kind. A true companion. He will be truly missed. My heart goes out to Brian and his family. Our thoughts and prayers will be with you in this time of grief.. Fly - August 8, 2020

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