8/8/2020I am the wind blowing through your hair
And the warmth you feel in the air.

When that smile creeps on your face,
Remember that I am in a good place,
And when you’re feeling sad and down,
Recall memories of me running around wiggling my tail.

You don’t need to look low and high,
Just search way deep inside,
And know that we’ll never be apart,
for I have left my paw prints on your heart.

My Sweet Pea: You have giving me so much, how could I ever be the same without you by my side. Thank you for your smiles, kisses, memories, support, and your unconditional love. You stole my heart from the moment I met you, and we have been taking care of each other ever since. I will always, always love you, life will not be the same without you but I know you waited to make sure I was ok for you to finally rest. Rest In Peace My Sweet Pea, I know you, Nefertiti and Sophie will be watching over me, and we will be reunited one day. LOVE YOU MY SWEET PEA!!!!!!

And tomorrow the sun will shine again,
And on the path that I will follow,
It shall again unite us, happy ones,
Upon this sun-breathing earth…
And to the wide shore, with its blue waves,
We will quietly and slowly descend,
Speechless, we shall look into the other’s eyes,
And upon us will descend the muted silence of happiness …
Jose MelendezPhiladelphia, PennsylvaniaAugust 10, 2020
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I never got to meet you sweet Lola, but I can say that you have brought Jose so much joy, so much love, he never stops talking about you. You have given him the most amazing 16 years and I can only imagine the emptiness your departure has left. But I know that on the other side of the rainbow bridge, you're watching over my friend!Marylin Laurent - August 12, 2020
I am really sorry for you lost pet's they are amaizing sending a big hug to you and this beautiful Lola they always bring happiness on our life's keep all that memories ❤❤🙏🙏Susana Murillo - August 12, 2020
I first met Lola when I met you! You lived in the Princeton area, and I came to your house for coachings... 15 years ago!!!
Lola was such a sweet girl who sat under the piano during coachings. She had such a calming and kind energy. I had the privilege of “doggysitting” her after you both moved to Philadelphia.
You and Lola were there for me, José, when I lost my lab Mirella. I remember sitting with Lola that week. She told me I should take the plunge and adopt again. Sounds crazy, I know. But when I looked into her eyes, all was good! And you were so supportive when I adopted my new babies. I hope I can be there for YOU!
I know Lola had a wonderful life, and now she is at peace. She will always be with you.
Love you and Miss Lola always!
Lauren Athey-Janka - August 11, 2020

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