10/31/2006 - 8/30/2020Hainie. mama love you and miss you so much. We are so heartbroken to have made a final decision. You came a long way my girl- the most resilient cat ever. You survived having diabetes, and even welcoming your new cat sister Sadie last year. You gave us lots of scares along the way with your health but I always did my best to make you as comfortable as possible. Even with welcoming a new kitten in our home. You both had a rough relationship but you definitely depended on each other. She really relied on you and your schedule. She's been thoughtful and quiet, we are very sad. Before we took you to the cemetery she smelled you one last time and she was so hesitant about us taking you. You were the alpha here and definitely called the shots around here! She is really feeling it right now, and she's a little confused about her routine now. She has to get used to having her own schedule without you but she will adjust and be okay. You were definitely a huge part of this house and our everyday routine and we feel empty without you. Your vocal presence is missed, your cuddles, and your sassy attitude of course. You had a good run and even though I went back and forth with myself to make this choice I knew it was the right one to make. When I was making calls and really struggling to make this choice you got some strength to get up and you came and sat in front of me, you gave me this look and almost felt like you were giving me the confirmation. It was tough. You made yourself known for sure. You left an impression on everyone you ever met, even with your sassy attitude people still warmed up to you and respected you. You were so loved by everyone even those you weren't so nice to. You were special my love. You were always faithful to me, and mindful of those around me. You were very protective and were very discerning. You weren't always the easiest and your anxiety got the best of you, but I did the best I could to make every transition smooth. I will miss our cuddles on the couch and I will miss you coming to bed with your kicker toy. I will miss you sleeping above my head every night- it was soothing and it was something new you started doing. On your last days you started isolating yourself but you still made sure to give me a little cuddle every now and then. You had many nicknames and surprisingly responded to every single one. I will miss greeting you at the door at the end of the day and singing my mama song I made up for you and Sadie. We love you. We miss you always my baby.isaly rivaschicago, IllinoisAugust 31, 2020
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It was such a blessing to be able to meet Hainie even if only for a few short moments. Based on the stories shared it was clear she lived a happy life, filled with unconditional love. I know everyone she touched will miss her dearly .Miranda Shaw - September 17, 2020
Truly blessed to have spent time with an angel. Sweet & sassy. Such a fighter. I wouldn’t have it any other way. She will be in my heart forever. She showed me what it was to truly have an unconditional love for an animal. Before Hainie, I’d never known what that was like. Will always miss your cuddles. How you acted like such a baby when you would let me carry you. So happy I still have a ton of memories to keep. Truly one of one. There will never be another Hainie.

I love you so much, muffin. Always.
Fonseca Family - September 1, 2020
I did not have the blessing of being there for a lot of her life but Hainie was an astounding first companion. She was my first of many bonds that I would create with animals of all kinds and she was by far the most pure of heart. I will never forget opening her up for the first time and uttering the most random name for a cat my mother had ever heard. She would hop on my lap. Stay there. If I got up she would cry for me to sit back down. She was sweet and demanding but it was a sweet kind of demanding so it was okay with me. She needed a lot of attention but she knew how to make you feel wanted and special. She knew her worth. The same way my own decendants know theirs so it made sense for her to be poised. Her last few years she was the taken care of and loved the most and her soul transitioned gracefully. She understood nothing of her age or illness but knew how she liked things around her to be. She was guided by the most pure hearted of people and she will continue to guide with that same light. I will forever miss the kitten that once cried for and comforted me. And I will never forget the beautiful cat she passed as.Marie Herrera - September 1, 2020
With Love, Our Forever Diva ❤️Sandra Ocon - September 1, 2020

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