4/15/2013 - 9/4/2020To our beloved Nori, Nor-Nor, Scoonch, Princess Fluffy Buns, Norita, Scoonchina, Georgie Porgie Pudding & Pie, Princess Peach, Ooncinie Scay, Crumb; our dusty-ass garbage cat, I hope we gave you the life you deserved, because you deserved nothing less than extraordinary.We love and miss you so much already.Angela CimarustiChicago, IllinoisSeptember 7, 2020
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I miss you My Little One. No kiki will ever be able to fill your tiny boots.
Memaw smooches everywhere!!!!
susan Cimarusti - September 14, 2020
Although I only knew Nori for a short time, I could tell she was a sweet, gentle soul that just wanted to give love to anyone that would receive it. She was loved by so many people and will continue to be in the hearts of everyone she knew.Tyler Johnston - September 10, 2020
What a lucky little pup to be so beloved by so many people. Nori, you were clearly such a powerful yet tiny ray of sunshine and sweetness, and I’m thankful to feel that light all the way on this side of the ocean. I wish we’d met, but I’m happy you brought so much love and light to people I adore 💖Sam Adolfo - September 9, 2020
Nori thank you for being the best girl to your parents! You will be missed so much ❤️Rachel Petersen - September 9, 2020
Nori, the perfect lil sushi queen, best type of cat — smol and orange.
She will be so so missed.

love you lil nor 🧡🧡
allu egg - September 9, 2020
My sweet baby girl, we all miss you so much. It's not the same around the apartment without you. Beef is so sad without you around. You were the best kitty in the entire world. Kisses to my Scoonch. <3Angela Cimarusti - September 9, 2020
Nori, you were blessed with the best family on earth! You were the best sister to Beef! You brought joy to everyone that met you. We will miss your free spirit personality. ❤️UMary Clifford - September 9, 2020
The best cat I've ever encountered, never hissed once in 7 years, a true joy in my life and now in my memory. Love you forever Nori.Ben Clifford - September 8, 2020
Nori was the sweetest punkin angel ever. Not one mean bone in her teeny body. She had such a wonderful life with her parents Ben and Angela and will always be in our hearts 🖤Kristin Arvanitis - September 8, 2020
Little Nori,
You were so loved and had the best parents and BFF and brother in the world. We all miss your tiny mews and big stretches and tight rope walking on the back of the couch. You’re sorely missed and will live on in our hearts. Love you!
April Kort - September 8, 2020
My little sweetheart - love you, miss you - You made me a softer person Scoonch. The little shit who somehow found a way to get from my garage into my basement (through a wall)! Wish we had you longer, but I'll take 7 years - fortunate to have had any time with you, and I'll treasure that time forever, smooch, smooch, smooch............Mike Cimarusti - September 8, 2020

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