10/29/2010 - 9/8/2020Pepper, you were the light of our lives. We knew as soon as we brought you home and you were eating from our spicy pepper plants that you were an excitable, joyful pup that was full of personality. Every day we'd come home and the knock of your tail against our furniture told us just how excited you were to see us.

It's not the same without you here, its only been a day and we can't stop crying. Tess lays on your bed and in your cage, her ears downcast, and we know she knows. She misses you too, even if she was jealous of you!

We miss you so much, and are so thankful we got to spend your last moments here in the comfort of our home. We love you baby <3
Abby MeyerWest Palm Beach, FloridaSeptember 9, 2020
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