Bub Chubs
2/26/2004 - 9/9/2020Our sweet boy Harley, who we never called by his official name, was affectionately called Bub Chub. He was a big boy, both physically and in spirit for much of his life. At 17 pounds, he was our gentle giant who would lovingly sit on our chests and bellies when we were lying down. I imagine he thought of himself as a tiny little kitten while his weight pressed down on us (and we loved every minute we were blessed with his affection) Seeing his sweet face and holding him was always the perfect end of any day - to give him love and feel it given back to us in return. He was the first thing on our mind when waking (him meowing and crying to "feed me! :-) and the last part of our bedtime routine to say goodnight to him.

The last year of his life was so hard. We saw his health declining and tried to pamper him as much as possible with treats, toys, beds and any and everything that could bring him pleasure and comfort.
Valerie and Jimmie HernandezWest Palm Beach, FloridaSeptember 12, 2020
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He was the sweetest, cuddliest bub ❤️. Hollie - September 19, 2020
Such a sweet, handsome boy!Tiffany Matheson - September 14, 2020

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