Tiger Lily
7/1/2020 - 9/10/2020Tiger Lily was our beautiful, sweet kitty with a very gentle temperament--very "chill." She was Mama's kitten from her 1st litter, and we were blessed to have her in our lives for the last 16+ years. So many wonderful memories of Tiger Lily, her sister (S'mores) and Mama...all memories intertwined with my own beautiful daughters childhood and our family. I will never forget those days. Our pets are angels that God put in our lives to let us experience unconditional love, joy and companionship. Tiger Lily is now with Mama, Winnie, Meeko, S'mores and Min-Min (Abby). Thank you for being a part of our lives and being such a loving, gentle kitty--our beautiful Tiger Lily.Tracy ArataEureka, MissouriSeptember 12, 2020
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I will never forget when I first saw our beautiful Miss Tiger Lil. The day after our beloved "Min Min"
passed away, in the morning, I was playing Animal Crossing in the basement. I saw something move
outside of the basement window, and I thought that it was a bird at first. I looked again and saw that it was a kitten!
I ran up the basement stairs and onto the outdoor porch, looked through the screened windows, and I saw two kittens
run under the porch.... Tiger Lily and her sister, S'mores 💗. I remember adorable Tiger Lil got trapped in Allie's bedroom
one night (when the cats used to live mostly outdoors and visit us inside), and Allie thought that her dolls were moving on her dresser ---- but it was just sweet Lil! She had stayed inside and was hiding in Allie's bedroom amongst the glass dolls 💗. There are so many sweet and funny memories that we have of our "girls" (and their dad, Meeko) 💗.
All of our precious furry family members will be with us in memory and spirit --- and I believe that we will see each other again some day 💗🙏.
My thoughts and prayers are with you, beautiful Miss Lil. 💗🐱
Tori Jeer - October 2, 2020
Tiger was one of a kind—she was such a loving, gentle, and calm kitty! I have never known a cat to be as “at peace” and calm as her. Tiger was one of the cats that changed my family’s life forever: She was one of the two little kittens that my sister saw outside our basement window the day after we lost our family dog 💗 After that day, our hearts began to heal from the loss of our sweet dog; a beautiful mama cat, her two sweet kittens, and their family were a large part of that healing process. I will always keep all of the sweet, funny, and beautiful memories of Tiger Lily—“Miss Lil”—with me. I treasure every memory I had with her. She, her mom (Mama), her dad (Meeko), and her sisters (S’mores, Winnie, Millie, Patchy, and Rudy) were/are like no other cats I have ever met...and that is just one of the many things that made/make them so special. 💖 Even though Tiger is no longer with my family physically, I know that she is with us in thought, memory, and spirit. Until we meet again, Miss Lil 💖Manda Svitnev - September 14, 2020

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