1/18/2010 - 8/30/2020Fiona came into my life unexpectedly the night of April 19, 2010. She quickly became my whole world. I promised to take care of her forever. I didn't realize then how much she would take care of me in the years to come. I loved her more than anything.

Fiona was the eternal optimist. She was always happy and wanted to play. She taught me so much about love and life. She had a great sense of humor. She was compassionate, loyal and brave. Fiona wanted to protect me at all times, a job she took very seriously. I knew how she felt about me from her quirky routines and things we did together. Like how only I could take her outside in the morning, no matter how bad she had to go. (my husband kept trying, but nope I had to get up) She always followed me to the bathroom and guarded the door while I showered. Fiona did everything with me. Even if whatever I was doing wasn't interesting she was nearby. She made doing ordinary things more fun. It was an honor to be her Mom. During her illness she showed so much trust in me, allowing me to care for her in whatever way necessary. This reinforced just how strong our bond was. I am forever grateful for her loving companionship.

Fiona is my best friend and family. Her love will stay in my heart until we meet again.
Amy WillaertWhitestown, IndianaSeptember 12, 2020
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Fiona’s gentle spirit will always be with you, always and forever. The bond you shared cannot be broken. She is right there by your side in all you do, whether it’s doing laundry or taking a nice walk on a beautiful day. Her life on this earth was full of joy, from playing with her favorite toys, walking to the park, or watching movies. She loved it all. Her non-physical presence is eternal. Energy never dies, only changes forms. Fiona is still here in ways that are difficult for us to understand. Even though we cannot physically see her, I’m sure she’s got that ear flip going on and being her silly fun self! Fiona loves you and so do I 🐕❤️Linda Jung - September 25, 2020
I could tell that Fiona was very special and loved very much.Dan Genatiempo - September 25, 2020

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