1/7/2007 - 9/10/2020Dear Biscuit,
You brought our family so much joy throughout the years that it is impossible to hold back our tears. We lay here with lumps in our throats, swollen eyes, and heavy chests filled with the burden of losing you, Biscuit. Our hearts knew it was time to say goodbye but doubt still fills our minds. Your rear legs lost mobility and you couldn't walk on your own any longer. We could see the toll it was taking on our body. Please know, sweet boy, we made this decision to give you a gift. The gift of a peaceful transition into an eternal life of happiness.. pain-free. We felt that keeping you here with us would have been selfish and that is why we had to let you go.

Please take and keep our love with you and let your spirit be restored. Knowing you are doing this will bring us some comfort, while we continue to grieve our loss of not having you near us anymore. You will always be our sweet, precious boy- no longer by our side but forever in our hearts. We love you and miss you dearly.
-Mom, Dad, Brooke, Dylan and Bandit
P.S. I sent a text to family members and one of them sent me a picture of a beautiful rainbow in the sky that appeared right after I shared you were no longer with us. Welcome to Rainbow Bridge.. Now go have fun and chase a lizard or something, will you? XoXo
Renee PhillipsOrlando, FloridaSeptember 13, 2020
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Laura Phillips - September 15, 2020
If love alone could have kept Biscuit here , he would have lived forever . ❤️With sympathy The Reubels - September 15, 2020
Rest In Peace Biscuit. You are loved by such a wonderful family. They needed you as much as you needed them.John Trueman - September 15, 2020

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