3/12/2012 - 9/12/2020Bean was the best lady around. She was always sweet and loving and my best cuddle buddy. It’s impossible to put into words what you gave us and how much we’ll miss you. I will never have another kitty quite like you. You didn’t like to be held or have treats. You couldn’t be bothered much with toys, although you did love catnip. You liked to play in the water faucet and were so fun to watch. You loved your fur brother Gunner and tolerated your kitty sister Cricket (sometimes). You loved to sleep in bed sharing my pillow and loved when I’d sing. You always greeted us with a loud meow, and chastised us with a long meow when we’d been gone too long for your liking. You loved laying in the grass on sunny days and just watching the birds. You truly were such a blessing, and we miss you terribly already.Lauren JohnsonLexington, KentuckySeptember 14, 2020
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Rest in Heaven BeanMelissa Griffin - September 14, 2020

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