12/1/2003 - 7/13/2014We will always remember what is really important to us.
I will remember Reese.
She made me a better person and she will be missed every day.
Chris OetersRaleigh, North CarolinaJuly 25, 2014
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Reese was a sweetie. I was so pleased that her medications gave her a bit more time for her family. I know how much they loved her and love her still. ~Dr. DanaDana Lewis - August 8, 2014
Reese was a love!!! She had no idea how lucky she was the day Vickie found her crying in a shopping cart!! Not only did she find a family to love and take care of, but a family and a whole circle of friends who loved her unconditionally!!! She will be greatly missed. We love you Reese!!!Jill, Keith, Adam and Cassidy Nye - August 4, 2014
When I came visiting Sherif and Kristen today, I got one bark from Abby, but then she went away looking so lost, but not to the garage!
I gave myself permission to take a peek in the garage to see Reese! Sadly I did not see Reese! Reese had established herself as a friend with me when I came a couple of times to check on the dogs when Sherif and Kristen would be on a vacation: it was so endearing to be surrounded by Willow, Reese and Bubbie... the only scare would be if I get clumsy enough and trip on one of them.
Last time I was at Sherif's (that was July 4th) and I was leaving, just as the car pulled away, I told myself, I should have told Reese "Good bye", could that have been the "Good bye?" But I said maybe I will have a chance to see her again.
Well, it was not meant to be. Good bye dear sweet friend, please say hello to my Sasha. Looking forward to seeing you all over that Rainbow Bridge!
God bless you Chris, Vickie, Blake and Abby
Waffa Mikhael - July 29, 2014
We are Reece's neighbors. Reece and our dog Willow grew up together. In their puppy stage, we remember the playfulness, the chases, the ball fetching. They loved to play together. Reece was Wiilow's best friend. When Reece wanted to play catch, Willow would take the ball from her and run. They got along well all the time. Chris made a way so that the two would always have access to each other's yard, and they both took advantage of that. Reece spent many afternoons with us. She knew our routine better than we did. She came for dinner time and always went on walks with us. If she didn't come by the back door, she'd meet us at the front door. We'd be ready for her. We even grabbed the extra leash on the way out. She was the trained walker - she tried to train Willow on the proper way to walk. Whoever says dogs don't have personalities never met Reece. She was a guardian. She loved her Blake and never left her side. She was affectionately known as the gentle giant. We miss her bark. We miss her sweetness. We'll always remember her.Sherif & Kristen Mikhael - July 28, 2014
She went to be with mom. Annie is probably there too. (She was a fearsome St. Bernard.) Mom liked them both. I hope you find a new walking partner soon.Liz Stanley - July 26, 2014
So sorry to hear about your loss. I know how much she meant to you. My thoughts are with you, Vickie, and Blake.Whitney Walz - July 26, 2014
I know she was happy and blessed to have such an amazing family to call her own. I am sure the memories made with Reese will never be forgotten. She changed your lives just as ya'll did hers. So sorry for the loss of sweet Reese.Leigh Ann Wheeler - July 26, 2014
I was sitting in Chubby Taco when I got the news. Immediate tears. Reese was the sweetest dog and was sooo loyal to her family. She also knew the love she received in return. She will be greatly missed by many who knew her since the day she arrived! Here's to throwing that wet tennis ball to you Reese! XXOOKim Recser - July 25, 2014
She was a Good Girl,
She's giving Roscoe & Luc a Big Lick in the face from all of us........ Go race Luc for the Ball !
Miss you.
Mickie & Jamie Dickenson - July 25, 2014
Reese was beautiful and true blessing to your family! Love to you all!Angela, Tim & Gabe Scranton - July 25, 2014

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