Daisy Rose
6/27/2020 - 9/13/2020It's hard to believe that a member of our family is no longer with us. She's been with us the past 15 years and was the perfect dog to help turn our new house into a home. Daisy was a special dog. She was always so well-behaved and loved to just do her own thing and relax. Even if she wasn't a huge fan of snuggling, she definitely let us know how much she loved us. She was protective and always loved to be around us, even if It was just by being in the same room. We're gonna miss giving her pizza crust, bananas, popcorn, and apples as we sit on the couch. We’re gonna miss watching her spin around and around when she got excited, which is why she has the nickname Spinner. We’re gonna miss her cute, little, puppy-like face. She always looked like a baby and she will always be that to us. The house is not the same without her, but we know she will always be with us, and we find comfort in knowing that she is watching over us. We love you so much Daisy and will all see you again one day!The Restaino FamilyTampa, FloridaSeptember 15, 2020
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I’m so sorry for your loss. My heart goes out to you and your family.Leslie Boyles - September 22, 2020
The best girl. Rest in peace sweet Daisy. I hope you have fun in heaven💕Emily Eukovich - September 18, 2020
Safe travels over the Rainbow Bridge, Daisy Rose.Tom Garner - September 17, 2020
I am so sorry for your loss. I know how hard it is when we loose a furry family member. Daisy is really adorable. May her angel wings spread wide and Amy she always look down down on you. Till you meet again at the Rainbow Bridge.Debbie Turek - September 17, 2020
Daisy was such a sweet girl. She will live on in the hearts of many <3Shantelle Williams - September 16, 2020

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