1/23/2007 - 9/14/2020Ollie Pop, my dude-o. You were the best gift I could have ever gotten. Five years with you, my grumpy old man, were the best years for both of us. You’re joyous character, silly nature, and grumpy attitude made you an my favorite part of everyday. I’ll cherish every moment I had with you and probably spend a long time blowing out candles and wishing for more. I love you with all of my fibers and will miss you forever. I hope you’re on a big fluffy couch, Puppy Wuppy.Phoenix, ArizonaSeptember 16, 2020
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Ffft.Kyle Anderson - September 17, 2020
You left the sweetest imprint on our hearts and you will be so terribly missed, dear Ollie. I hope you can feel our love for you while you are sleeping soundly on the other side of the rainbow bridge. ❤️Monique Dorsey - September 16, 2020
Will miss you, Buddy. Miss your FaceTime calls, hauling you around in my car and the great pictures your mom sends me. I also hope you have a big fluffy couch, and some chicken.Grandma Helmick - September 16, 2020
You were a grumpy ol’ man but we loved having you around us. Wherever we saw Your Mommy, Devon, we knew we would see you. Thank you for all the joy, happiness, love and laughter you provided all who knew you. We will miss your handsome face and all the perfect responses you relayed thru Devon as part of every conversation. Rest In Peace Ollie Pop.Grumps and Grandma Terry - September 16, 2020

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