10/11/2011 - 9/10/2020Daisy, we miss you every day. You were our shy little girl who almost no one got to know except us, and we had to work to get you to trust us, but how rewarding it was when you finally did! You were my funny little girl who sometimes let herself play and be kittenish, even as you grew older; it was somehow more fun and exciting when we caught you chasing your tail or racing around the house with zoomies or “killing” ponytail holders and bragging proudly about your catch, because so were so reserved normally. We and your sisters miss you dearly and know we’ll see you again on the other side. Save us a spot on the couch!Jodie HamiltonSaint Augustine, FloridaSeptember 16, 2020
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It still doesn’t seem real that you’re gone, baby girl. I was putting everyone’s breakfast plates in the dishwasher yesterday and found myself reaching for the 4th plate—your plate—that obviously wasn’t dirty. Little things like that take me by surprise every now and again. I loathe that this happened to you, but I know you’re happy and whole again now. Please watch out for a sweet little kitten who passed shortly after birth 2 days ago...once her brothers and sisters are weaned, one of them will be coming home to live with us. She’ll never take your place, but we can’t wait to meet her. Love you.Jodie Hamilton - October 8, 2020
I miss you, sweet girl. Your sisters do as well. Gigi’s started hanging out where you used to, and she must have picked up your love of Disney movies while she watched them with you while you were sick—she’s watching them every day now (and The Aristocats is her favorite, just like it was yours!) I hope you’re feeling well and having SO much fun with your kitty friends who went before you; I know we’ll meet again someday!Jodie Hamilton - September 21, 2020
Rest in peace beautiful Daisy. You came into your mom’s life at just the right time and brought so much happiness to your family! I am so honored that I was able to meet you and help you on your journey sweet tortie girl. 💜Kali Jimenez - September 20, 2020
Sweet Daisy, our first Florida grandchild, we will never forget you. We hope you are having fun playing with Kitty, Rowan, Sissy, Midnight, Tommy, and Barney. You brought so much joy to our daughter and son-in-law.Pam Passwater - September 17, 2020

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