Francesca (chessie)
3/3/2004 - 9/14/2020"Chessie" from the first glance, was, is and always will be the love of our lives. In the forty-five years of our marriage, Chessie was the only dog we've ever shared our lives with and now in our mid-seventies, she may prove to be the one and only.Charlie BolickPompano Beach, FloridaSeptember 16, 2020
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What a little Diva! She was queen of the castle and queen of our hearts! She lived her life surrounded by love.Bill and Shirley McClure - September 23, 2020
Chessie was memorable. I'll never forget meeting her for the first time in Coral Springs. She owned that house and was gracious enough to allow me to come in. She will be forever missed and will live always in the hearts of us who were lucky enough to meet her.Sarah Crew - September 18, 2020
She was a sweet dog and dearly loved. My heart goes out to you both.Tom Moran - September 18, 2020
Sweet Chessie was dearly loved and will be forever remembered. Good girl.Tom Moran - September 18, 2020
I am so sorry you have lost your dear Chessie. Remember how happy and playful she was for so many
years.......she is that way now, again. Treasure the sore spot in your hearts that you shared that great
love that only a beloved dog can bring. She brought tons of love, and in such a little package. Blessings of the Lord on you both, he is her new "Master".
Janet Privas - September 17, 2020
Thinking of you in this sad time of your lives.Don Formigli - September 17, 2020
So sorry to hear this news .
I know She will be missed , for her to get to 16 is a glimpse of how she was loved and how she loved you both back .big hugs to you both .
Robert Prouty - September 17, 2020
You had a wonderful life, Chessie…filled with love from a pair of trained humans. They adored you.
Now you can bark and growl at all those trying to get into the pearly gates.
Eternal peace, Francesca.
. M_and_H - September 17, 2020
Run happily through paradise Francesca.Candis Daly - September 17, 2020
Memories are made from wonderful dog friendshipsJill Corson - September 17, 2020
JoAnne Wetzel - September 17, 2020
We will always love and remember you sweet girl.Charlie Bolick - September 16, 2020
Loved her… And love you both!!!Arthur Barnes - September 16, 2020

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