5/8/2009 - 9/14/2020It's been almost a week and we are still hurting over the loss of our Jessie. She was the calm in our storm with a house of 3 boys aged 2 years apart. She taught them about unconditional love, respect, kindness, empathy, and responsibility. She was my pretty girl, with her soulful eyes and gentle spirit. Jessie always looked at us like she was made for bigger and better things. In the years that my mom was sick with dementia, she patiently sat with her even if she wanted to lay down. She would look up at her and listen to her songs like it was her favorite and listen to her gibberish like it was the best story she had ever heard. She did this for each of us as we poured our days' worries, frustrations, and stories out to her. Her ninja kisses would make us laugh as we tried unsuccessfully to dodge her affections. For those of you that have loved a dog, you know what we are going through. Her last few days were filled with extra love and really good food. The boys didn’t get the playful “Air Bud” dog they wanted but there was no denying the love they had for her. And poor Lucy! Jessie was a very tolerant big sister. We miss you Jessie and our home is not the same without you. Someone once told me the more it hurts when you lose a loved one means the more they were loved. You were loved my Jessie girl. Run free...and let Grandma feed you as many table scraps as you want!Kathleen McColaughElk Grove Village, IllinoisSeptember 21, 2020
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This is such a beautiful and moving tribute to your beautiful girl, Kathleen! Jessie was so lucky to have found such a loving family, though I know you were the truly lucky ones to have had such an incredible girl in your lives. I absolutely love all of these photos of her living her best life, in all seasons. The puppy picture is just too much. She was just so precious!

Thank you too for all of your kind words about my visit. You gave her the amazing gift of a peaceful goodbye at home, surrounded by those who loved her most, and it was my honor to assist you in that.

Love to your entire family, including Lucy! 💜
Christie Comm - November 11, 2020

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