2/10/2004 - 7/25/2014My sweet, beautiful Eve. You gave me 10 1/2 wonderful years, full of love, loyalty, companionship, and just plain fun. I am so sorry that you had to develop such an awful cancer that took you so soon. Letting you go was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do, but as you left this world with you face and front paws in my arms, I knew that you would not hurt anymore. After they diagnosed you on July 11th, we had some really special days together, including "doggy bites ice cream" from Dairy Queen. I asked you to let me know when it was time, and my sweet beautiful girl, you did just that. The house is very empty and quiet now. I miss the sound of your feet on the floor and you infrequent bark as you protected the front door view. My heart is aching and will for sometime, but I will always keep you close to my heart, and will never forget you. Be at peace my sweet princess.......I love you.
Mimi O'DonnellRound Lake, IllinoisJuly 27, 2014
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So sorry to hear about Eve. She was such a sweetie and I will never forget seeing her come back in from bounding in the snow just covered and smiling ear to ear!Andrew Mayner - August 4, 2014
Eve truly was a special dog. I knew her for a very short time, but I will never forget how sweet she was to me and I'm sure everyone she met.Stacy Chirillo, DVM - July 30, 2014
My beautiful Miss Eve that would come spend some pretty special sleepovers with us. I am so so sorry that your time was cut short with all those that loved you so much! We will definitely miss you. I know Karley will miss you so much. I am glad that I got to know you though. Your sweet and docile personality won me over from the start (and I used to be leary of shephards...) I know you are pain-free now and looking down on your mom and saying thank you for listening and loving me so much. And as for me? God couldn't have graced me any better when he allowed me to be your "babysitter" when your mom was gone. Thank you Eve for blessing my life!!!Kathy Vogt - July 29, 2014
This candle reflects my eternal love for you my sweet Eve and your footprints are forever in my heart. Run free without pain and I will see you again at the rainbows end.Mimi O'Donnell - July 29, 2014

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