Chelsea (momma’s Baby Girl, Cho Cho, Chel Bell, Tootsie)
12/3/2020 - 9/16/2020On Wednesday, September 16, 2020 our sweet Chelsea was called over the rainbow bridge. Chelsea was a loving companion. She loved to chase rabbits and squirrels. She was protective. She loved walks with her momma and adventures with her family. She was so active and full of energy. She was so very loved and such a huge part of our family that we will forever miss her and a part of our clan is gone.
In November 2019, Chelsea was diagnosed with mammary chain tumors. Along with Dr. Stancu from Patt Veterinary Hospital, we decided that surgery was her only option. Dr. Stancu believed the surgery to be successful. She removed numerous tumors and only one was malignant. Unfortunately, 9 months later the cancer had spread to her lungs and before we found out, it was already at Stage 5. We took her to an oncologist and were given weeks to months as an answer but God needed her 20 days later. We did all we could for her. We called Lap of Love and Dr. Amy was absolutely wonderful. She was kind and compassionate and walked us through all that was to be Chelsea’s Final Journey. Dr. Amy’s soothing way helped Chelsea to stay calm and take her walk across the bridge.
We will always love you so very much, Chelsea you are forever our baby girl. We wish we could have had more time but God and your brothers, Otis and Coconut needed you.

Forever my Baby Girl and always in our hearts.
All of Our Love,
Momma, Momma B, Momma Steph,
Kalissa, Kaitlyn, Zaydon, Evan, Gretchen,
Achilles and Skylar
Billie Jo CooperBirdsboro, PennsylvaniaSeptember 23, 2020
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Chelsea was a wonderful girl, and I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to meet her, even if only for a short time. She was so lucky to have had such a loving family. Run free, sweet girl, until we meet again.Amy Parrish - September 29, 2020
Chelsea , thank you for allowing me to be apart of your departure into heaven . When I walked in the house on your last day here on earth you came running up to me like you were excited to see me . I leaned down and petted you for the first time in a long time . It was almost like you were saying goodbye to me . You knew that I wasn't much of an animal lover but I sure did grow to love you Chelsea . Thank You for letting me be apart of your family . thank you for making my family so happy to have you in their lives .they will forever miss you.Love you,Gloria DiGUGLIELMO - September 25, 2020
Love you cho !! We all miss you already ❤️Justin Worrell - September 24, 2020
Rest in peace. 💜 Im sorry for your loss.Ambyre Revell - September 24, 2020
Chelsea you were such a brave and strong girl towards the end of your journey. You went through a lot in the last few months and still continued to show your family love. You brought much love and happiness to your family and everyone that got the pleasure of meeting you. I know you know how much they loved and cherished you and they miss you so much. You forever left paw prints in their hearts and many beautiful memories that they will forever hold close to their hearts. Thank you for bringing so much joy to the family. I hope you are running free with no pain and all the biscuits your heart desires.Bobbie Jo Oister - September 24, 2020
I will always love you chelsea❤️ Love your big sissyKalissa Levengood - September 23, 2020
She was such a sweetheart. I’m sorry for your loss.Sean Bowen - September 23, 2020
We love and miss you beautiful girl..... you will forever be loved!!!!Brandi Moyer - September 23, 2020
I will always love you chelsea❤️ Love your big sissyKalissa Levengood - September 23, 2020

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