11/5/2007 - 9/22/2020To the Bestest Boy,
You went to sleep with my nose touching yours, and you woke up in gods arms. You are no longer held back by pain, or a body that couldn’t keep up with your forever puppy mind. I imagine you now play in a huge park filled with other dogs, squirrels, and birds (your favorite). Not to mention full access to the swimming pools, and gravy fountains. When I talk about you I’ll still tell my one of many favorite stories - How one morning your Dad’s alarm clock was going on and on and on... I was nudging him to wake up and shut it off, and when he wouldn’t I turned over. It was YOU laying in his place with your head on his pillow. He’d already left and per usual you had taken his spot. My heart is in pieces not being able to scratch your velvet ears again, or hear your bark at the door. I fight myself back and forth between wanting you here for myself and knowing you’re now free. But I know you and I will meet again and you’ll be here in my arms, and what a day that will be. Thank you for 14 years of your unconditional love, and endless goofball moments. Mostly thank you for being the bestest boy. Love, mom, dad, Grey, Max, Louie, Butters & Lola
Laura MeiningerWest Palm Beach, FloridaSeptember 23, 2020
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You can always easily tell a happy dog from the photo. I was touched by your description of his always having a puppy mind. We just lost our boy Pete who we got from a rescue at age one and who just passed away at age 15. I'll be posting his own memorial page soon, but saw yours first and wanted to tell you how much it sounded like our own situation. Your heart does break when they pass away, but always remember that he was happy and loved because of you, and that his peaceful and painless passing was a final act of love (for now... I share the thought that one day I'll see my Pete trotting out of the pearly gates, with a well-gnawed frisbee in his mouth, welcoming me home and demanding frisbee tosses through the clouds). Best Wishes, JohnJohn Kirkham - September 24, 2020
My sweet boy also was 14 and passed yesterday. Your Gauge looks like he was an amazing dog with a gentle spirit.Brooke Wallace - September 24, 2020

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