**Tribute to Rex, Our Joyful Dog**

*Our special Labrador Retriever, Rex, passed away at home in Corona on 7/27/14, assisted over the Rainbow Bridge by Dr. Erin Hogan.
Wagging his tail and happy to be allowed onto the couch, Rex peacefully snored his way into heaven.
Diane & Pete N.Corona, CaliforniaJuly 28, 2014
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Rex was a very nice dog! Although I only got to know him briefly his wonderful demeanor and seeing him wag his tail certainly brightened my day. We are very saddened but know that he is in heaven, playing with the other animals and chasing lots of balls and frisbees!


Bill FitzPatrick, DVM
Bill FitzPatrick - August 4, 2014
Emily Picardi - July 31, 2014
Rex was a very lucky dog to have found such a wonderful home and 'parents' that loved him so much. I am sure he has a special place in doggy heaven with lots of treats and balls to chase.
Debbie and Angus
Debbie Bostock - July 30, 2014
Rex used to come to our house and his favorite game was chasing the ball. He would chase the ball and bring it right back to me and put it in my hand, and off he would go to chase it again. I don't know who enjoyed it more, me or Rex. I think probably me! He was such a happy dog, always ready to play. He was so good to our little dog Pumpkin. She loved him and he was very tolerant with her. Rex was such a fantastic dog and he will be missed, but such wonderful memories we have of him, which we will always cherish! I know there is a doggie heaven, and he is still chasing a ball.
Aunt Betsy (Aunt to Rex)
Betsy Mallory - July 29, 2014

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