7/6/2005 - 9/24/2020From mom:
Had to say goodbye yesterday to my best kitty friend in the whole wide world, Abby.

I remember our first night in my Stockton apartment together as a kitten, you were cuddled up next to me in my bed, I told you “the only person you have to love is me, no one else” and you did just that for 15 great years girl. You eventually let Nick into your life as well-after some heavy hazing of going to the bathroom on his clean laundry, suitcases, and work papers...(glad you always spared my stuff-thank you for that)

You were with me through so many big things in my life, always there for me, just wanting to be loved and pet. I’ll never forget you laying on my chest, taking a nap, nick walked by and said “I’ve never seen a cat love someone so much, she’s your best friend”. It was so true, and reciprocal.

I’m going to miss our almost daily naps together, you waiting by the laundry room door for me to get home from work, and my 6 am alarm clock (sometimes your timing was off and it was 4 am) waking me up for what I like to tell myself was waking me up bc you didn’t want me to sleep in for work—but mostly because you wanted to be fed.

Thanks for the great 15 years-you were such a strong kitty-thanks for being perfect and being my best friend—love you little girl! You were strong as hell with all odds against you! Love you! 💛

From dad:

So with all these thoughts of Abby in my head I want get them down so they don’t keep cycling over and over. At least I hope.

You were not my cat. You were Katie’s partner in crime but you did let me in after a year. Lol. And lot of pee on my stuff.

You were there when I spent late nights writing all the versions of American Muscle, when I woke up at 4am and came up with the outline I looked up to see you.When I was writing papers for my MFA I would look over and you be there.
When my job turned its back on me and I had to pull myself together it was the pets to you that calmed me down and let me push forward.

And all you ever wanted in return was to be left alone. Lol. And some pets.

But like I said you were your mama’s cat and you always had her back and were always there for her.

You can rest now baby girl, I got mom from here.
Katie HutchingsSan Jose, CaliforniaSeptember 26, 2020
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As the tears stream down my face while reading your memorial , Abby was a true friend.
A protector, comforter and partner. She let you into her life and in return gave you pure joy.
15 years is a long life to a cat, but not to us human’s. Thank you for being mon and dad to one of Gods little creatures.
Anything He makes he takes back, not fair.
Rest In Peace Abby❤️
Clare Welsch - October 2, 2020
Abby was incredibly blessed to have such devoted parents that went above and beyond to ensure she had a beautiful life. Thinking of you and sweet Abby ❤️.Jeni Goedken - September 30, 2020

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